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In just two days of powerful training—you can develop your mind’s latent abilities to sense information, heal, manifest coincidences and influence the world around you. This is accomplished through a series of relaxing mind training exercises under the guidance of your certified UltraMind trainer. The secret is learning to function at the Alpha Level, understanding the Laws the Govern your Mind, and Learning Silva’s specific finely-tuned techniques for channeling your mind’s ability.

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Filmed during our classes in Anaheim and New York, Aug 2007

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Why Silva is a Unique Experience

Time Tested and Continuously Refined for 50 Years

Jose Silva first began his research into the human mind in the 1950s. His original class made waves across the world. The New York times article below talks about one such class by Jose Silva, all the way back in 1972.

Back then, Silva’s classes were focused on self-improvement techniques like curing headaches, sleep control, relaxation. The world was not yet ready to be introduced to concepts like mind-body healing, remote viewing, the mind influencing matter and other phenemonon that have only recently been proven by scientist like Hal Puthoff, William Braud, Jahne and Dunne and others.

So Jose Silva marketed his seminars to a skeptical American public as a self-improvement seminar similar to modern seminars like Tony Robbins and other motivational gurus.

After 40 years of refining and developing his training, in the 1990s, Jose Silva had an ephiphany – and move his seminars into the next level of human mind development. This, he called the UltraMind Seminar.

Extract from a New York Times Article on Jose Silva

The following extract is from an April 16, 1972 New York Times article Can Man Control His Mind

“A recent study by Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex. would appear to indicate that graduates of Mind Control do attain a high degree of Alpha production. C. W. Post College, Greenvale, L. I., is planning to offer the course at its business school this fall and Canisius College will offer it in its Department of Religious Studies.”

“A visit to a Mind Control class in New York discloses more stockbrokers than bearded way outs and the dress style is closer to Brookes Brothers than to the East Village. A major New York company has sent all its top executives through the course and its president, a hard-headed businessman is seriously thinking of instituting an in-house training program for all employees. He refused to speak for the record, saying, We think there is something there, but I don’t want to alarm our stockbrokers at the moment.”

“Other businessmen are not so reluctant. Lee Epstein, a vice- president and art group supervisor at Doyle Dane Bernbach volunteered: “It opened the gates for me. It has re-energized me, made me more creative and yet more relaxed. I practice it every day and get better and better at my job and my life.”

~ New York Times, April 16, 1972

A Combination of Western Science and Eastern Spirituality

UltraMind combines Western brainwave and mind power research with deep spiritual themes from the East.

Why What You Seek to Manifest with Your Mind Often Does Not Occur

Have you ever been in a situation where you set a goal or target on something you wish to accomplish. You pour your heart into, long for it and spend your daily meditation affirming or visualizing the end result coming into being.

But after months and months of trying you see ZERO results.

Nothing has changed and the goal is as far away as it was before.

Not an inch closer.

Does it Frustrate You that What You Seek in Life has Yet to Manifest?

Here are Some of the Most Common Frustations (If you’re facing these, don’t worry – you’re not alone).

  • Are you confused because you still don’t know if your career is right for you?
  • Are you still looking for the right soul-mate?
  • Are you seeking more enjoyment in life – but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you upset because of a crippling illness and cannot understand why this happened to you?
  • Are you in a financial rut? Is this preventing you from acquiring the things you need to support your family?

These frustrations happen to many of us. Why?

Why You Fail to Manifest What You Need

You are entitled to have every success, happiness and fulfillment you can dream of. We were all sent here with a job to do and the resources to fulfill that task.

So why then do so many people not receive the things in life that they are naturally entitled to and deserve?

There are 2 Reasons Why You Don’t Manifest What You Desire

Reason #1

The first reason is a simple one. It’s best understood by the following story:

Imagine being a restaurant ordering soup. You decide on Minestrone Soup and tell the waiter to bring it to you.

The waiter takes your order to the Head Chef who starts to make your soup. But while the soup is being made you change your mind.

You now tell the waiter you’d like to change your order to Tomato Soup. The waiter goes back to the head chef and tells him to stop making the Minestrone and to focus on Tomato instead.

So the Head Chef tosses away the Minestrone and takes out the Tomatoes.

But just then, you call the waiter to you again and tell the waiter that you’d like to try Mushroom Soup instead.

Once again the Waiter rushes off to tell the Head Chef and once again the Chef tosses way the soup he was preparing and starts again.

You wait… and wait… and wait. But as the soup is long in coming, you decide to leave and try another restaurant.

Think of the waiter as Your Sub-Conscious Mind.

The head chef as Higher Intelligence.

And the Soup, as Your Goal du Jour (Goal of the Day).

Do you see the problem? Whatever you have been asking for has been coming to you. But you stop asking, or you change your mind, or your give up when it is so close.

What you seek to create has not been coming to you because you lack the clarity to stay focused.

You cannot create what you want—because you do not know what you want.

Now we come to Reason #2. This is much harder for many to really understand

Reason #2

You’re Asking for Something that Goes Against a Decision You Made at a Soul Level…

Many people try to achieve what they think they should do, instead of what they were sent here to do.

Many goal-setting techniques claim to teach you to manifest anything you desire—but all these systems have a common flaw:

If you’re aiming for a goal or outcome that is not part of the greater plan for you then you will fail.

You can achieve anything you desire IF and only IF, what you desire is part of life’s greater plan for you.

Everyone is put on this planet for a reason. Find out what that reason is – and doorways will open for you.

Who sets this Greater Plan?

You Do.

But at a Soul Level.

The philosophy here is nicely expressed by the following Zen saying:

The ordinary person thinks that they will be happy when they get what they need. The Zen Master is always happy. For the master knows that whatever he gets—he needs.

You see—every moment, chance encounter, event and meeting in your life is created by You. If not at a conscious level—then at a Soul Level.

As the Rolling Stones wrote in their divinely inspired song:

You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes,
You just might find,
You get what you need.

You often don’t Manifest what You want because Your Conscious Wants Go Against Your Soul’s Own Needs

What is Possible

Now, Imagine if You could align the Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Super-Conscious parts of your being.

Imagine if You could tap into Universal Intelligence to get a positive feeling on what’s right and what decisions you need to make.

Imagine if You could then use Your mind to manifest these decisions – without wavering – because you know, crystal clear, where you need to be and what you need to do.

Imagine if You could Create this Life of Your Dreams.

Imagine thousands of lives benefiting from your new creations – whether it’s a book, a work of art, or a business.

Imagine creating jobs, changing lives, creating products that benefit humanity

Imagine being a shining light – a bringer of wisdom and enlightenment to your community.

How would your family benefit? Whom would you influence? What would you seek to change about this world How will you be remembered when you pass on? Who will you teach?

Or the biggest question of all – What will be your mark on humanity?

Here is How Silva UltraMind is Different.

Silva is a Meditation System that teaches Western Self-Help with Eastern ideas of Oneness with the Universe;

Silva teaches you to align your conscious mind with your spiritual purpose. You learn to understand the circumstances that put you here. You to learn to appreciate that every bad thing in your life has occurred for a reason. And you learn to get guidance to allow you to make the right decisions and set you on the right path.

For most of your life, you have lived with the effects of your experiences.

Now you’re invited to be the cause of your experiences.


What You Will Learn…


Learn how to put yourself into a deep level of meditation within 60 seconds flat. Nothing bothers you. Sounds don’t disturb you. Stress melts away. Headaches and migraines…may vanish forever. Productivity soars. Ambitions stay clearly on focus without distraction. Worries no longer suffocate you. And, as TIME Magazine reported in a cover story… “Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a way to prevent, slow or at least control the pain of chronic diseases like heart conditions, AIDS, cancer and infertility.” Fortunately, the Silva System takes the art of meditation to a whole new level. It’s unprecedented!

In the Silva UltraMind Seminar you will spend 10 sessions in deep Alpha and Theta level meditation as an instructor guides you mentally and verbally.


Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you have trouble with motivation, diet, exercise…sticking to personal resolutions?

With the Silva UltraMind System, you apply a technique called the Mental Video Technique to get guidance and insight on what actions need to be taken to correct such problems.

You then implement the correction using a technique called the 3-Scenes Technique. It’s a two step process that is far more powerful than simply self-hypnotism, affirmations or visualization.

Amazing But True! Addictions have no control over you. Cravings and needs such as uncontrollable “binge eating” cease to exist.


Amazingly, the scientific community and health professionals are only now beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years…that “the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.”

Using personal “case-working” techniques detailed in the Silva UltraMind System, you will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, to instantly cure pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, help prevent illness and disease…even how to send healing ‘vibrations’ and ‘imagery’ to loved ones from a distance.

Hard to believe? Well… consider that a world-renowned cancer therapy researcher called the Silva technique:…the most powerful single tool that he can offer his patients.

One part of the Silva UltraMind Seminar involves students pairing up with each other and using their minds to mentally “discover” illnesses and problems with people unknown to them – and then using the mind to send healing to these people. It sounds incredible but it true and the results that people obtain on this exercise are always mind-blowing.

“Significant effects on my life, career and approach to things”

The Silva seminar taken this spring had several significant effects on my life, career and approach to things in general.

I also visualized a couple of my seriously sick friends who live overseas, and I was amazed at the results. One friend, sick of prostate cancer at the age of 41, started to plan vacations on a sailboat, at the time I was visualizing that he was sailing totally cured. The other friend that suffered from nervous breakdown told me on the phone that she just came back from a field full of flowers where she found a few moments of peace and relaxation, and the day before I visualized her dancing in a field full of flowers.

I didn’t expect any miracles after the Silva seminar, but I’ve learned that we have all the abilities we need to become what we want to be and even to have some telepathic influence on other people; we just have to believe in it and get rid of all doubts that stop us from getting what we want.

~ Margaret J., Oakville


Your mind is well adept at creating “coincidences” and “opportunities” and of controlling “luck” in pushing you towards your goals. In other words, you may command the power of thought to influence reality.

But here’s the problem with many such visualization systems—if you attempt to manifest something that is not part of higher intelligence’s plan for you than you may end up failing or worse – attracting things that are wrong for you.

Jose Silva was aware of this limitation and in the Silva UltraMind System we focus on teaching the student how to use their minds at the Delta level (while they sleep) to identify the right goals and discover their life mission.

This revolutionary technique can be used while you sleep—pouring ideas, insights and guidance into your head and enabling you to unravel and solve potential problems that may seem out of control.

Once you identify what is the RIGHT mission or goal for you, you then apply the 3-Scenes technique to bring this goal to reality.

“Nothing short of Remarkable!”

Deciding to take the Silva Ultramind course this summer was the best decision I’ve ever made. It changed my views on everything and it makes me see thing in a whole new light. The successes I’ve had with the course are nothing short of remarkable!

I’ve even used the three scenes technique to increase my sports performance and the results have been absolutely spectacular! I also used the Silva dream technique to see if I could recall a dream that would come to me that night and it worked on my very first attempt. That’s the fun part of having taken the course. You can create your own little experiments and prove it’s validity by programming little things to appear into your life. And as your confidence in the methods improve, so will your results.

~ Omar, Toronto, Canada


The most powerful instrument we have in our hand is the power of our mind.” Napoleon Hill made that statement over 75 years ago. The good news is, Jose Silva expanded on Napoleon Hill’s work and created ingenious methods to help anyone transform themselves into a “super-achiever.”

Are you a salesman, entrepreneur, business executive, retired, starting out, housewife, high school dropout, blue collar or white collar worker? It doesn’t matter.

We’re all here to fulfill our mission – whether it raising two wonderful kids, writing an influential book, saving the rainforests or launching a multi-million dollar business and creating jobs for hundreds of people.

In the Seminar you learn how to apply your mind to first discover what you should be doing. You then learn how to apply your mind to success at doing it.


How would you like to command and influence people from a distance? How would you like to perhaps radiate an instant charm and connection with those you meet – establishing a charismatic rapport, even an upper-hand – with those you come in contact with?

With people you want to know? With relationships you hope to cultivate? The Silva System will teach you exactly how you may tap into your mind… drawing upon intuitive powers you already have to further yourself in every way imaginable – your career, your personal life, business decisions — helping you to perhaps BURST THROUGH DOORWAYS to immense PROSPERITY and BREAK-AWAY SUCCESS in your immediate future!

“The ‘Real’ Remote Viewing”

For years, I studied Tarot, astrology, feng shui, you name it. What I realized immediately is that The Jose Silva UltraMind System is so superior to them. It is the ‘real’ remote viewing. All the rest is crude in comparison.

~ Elena Wagner, Los Angeles, California

The Agenda

The Silva UltraMind consists of lectures, guided exercises that take you into the alpha and theta level, and group activities where you practice your new found skills

Each of our qualified instructors being in their own experiences and skills to make the event a memorable and powerful life changing weekend. The audience is usually cosy – anyway from 10 to 35 people. We keep class sizes small so that each participant gets personal attention from the instructor.

Each seminar lasts 2 days and is usually held from 9am to 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday

Day 1

The seminar starts with an introduction to Jose Silva’s methods and a description of what will follow. You are then educated on the different levels of mind. The instructor then guides you into the first exercise where you are guided into the alpha level of mind. For many, this is a profoundly relaxing state of being – everyone experiences Alpha differently but the feeling is usually one of joy and pure relexation.

Next, you taught several of Jose Silva’s principles on visualization and enhancing intuition. You are now guided through a “projection” exercise. Here you are taken to Alpha once again and practice a series of exercises to enhance your visualization and imagination. Your attempt to project your awarness into your home and exercise your imagination as you make a mental survey of your house

You then get a break for lunch before returning to class and doing one more Centering Exercise. Following the exercise you learn the UltraMind Mental-Video Technique: a technique you can use to get guidance from Higher Intelligence to better help you make important decisions.

The instructor then hands out different pieces of metals which you get to study and observe using all your physical senses. You know practice a projection exercise where you imagine yourself exploring these metals at a molecular structure and making note of all sensations and observations. This is a powerful exercise designed to enhance your ability to use your imagination and visualization. During this exercise you attempt to enter deeper levels of mind – the Theta level.

The day ends with one final centering exercise. You find yourself reaching the Alpha level faster and easier each time your practice centering.

Day 2

This day starts with a projection exercise into a living thing – plants and leaves. You are now slowly improving your ability to project your awareness, or remote view, from physical object to now a living thing.

Following this you do a centering exercise and find yourself reaching the Alpha and Theta levels of mind faster than before.

After lunch, you perform another projection exercise – this time into a more advanced living creature, a pet such as a dog or cat. This is one of the most fun exercises and people, by this time, are quite amazed at what they are able to perceive with just their imagination.

You now learn the second Silva UltraMind Technique – the Three Scenes Technique. This is technique is used for manifesting coincidence, healing, kicking habits, or attracting things into your life. You learn the difference between the two techniques and start to understand when to apply each.

The final centering exercise is now performed. At this point you are able to reach the alpha level withing minutes.

You now perform the final exercise for the seminar – projection into a living human. You project your awareness into a loved one and learn how to detect abnormalities as well as how to provide mental healing.

The seminar ends with a group session called case-working. This is the most jaw-dropping part of the weekend. You are paired up with other participants and now get to see a first hand demonstration of how what your trained mind can do.

Facing your partner, you go into the Alpha level. You are given the name, age and location of someone unknown to you. You attempt to bring this person into your mind and describe their emotions, physical state, and life. It feels like your’re guessing; making things up – but then the remarkable happens. The things you describe turn out to be true. You have just seen a powerful demonstration of your own intuitive abilities.

Before you leave the course, you will have the opportunity to test your ESP on at least 10 problem cases, to verify that you can project your mind and detect information that is not available to your physical senses, and verify that you are accurate and correct.

Editor-in Chief New Living Magazine on Silva UltraMind

“With The Jose Silva UltraMind ESP System, you can learn to use your mind in a more powerful way to communicate with others better, to tap into your intuition easier, to enjoy success, happiness and health and to help others do the same!”

~ Christine Lyn Harvey, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, New Living Magazine, New York City

Seminar Quick Facts

  • Seminars are conducted over two (2) days
  • Lasts from 9am to 6pm each day, usually Saturday and Sunday
  • Personal Attention: average class sizes range from 10-35
  • Register online to hold a seat
  • Discounts available for early registration

A Sneak Peek

Author Burt Goldman Provides a Sneak Peak of the Silva UltraMind Experience

“As my eye roved over the schedule page and I saw how brilliantly the program was hung together I realized the ‘Chief’ did it again. His UltraMind System was definitely a winner. It was fresh, it was state of the art, and with a few adjustments it could be the coming self improvement/self evolvement event. For you do improve, and you do evolve.”

~ Burt Goldman, author of The Power of Self
Mind Control and founder of the Goldman Method

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