Testimonials on Achieving Goals

Positive changes in life

"I have been using the Silva method for over two years now, when I realized that something was wrong in my marriage I used the method twice to get answers, the first time I got my answers in two days, a little voice told me to look in my ex-wives car for my camera, I discovered some very interesting stuff that pointed that she was having an affair. I did not want to believe what I saw and believed her excuse. The second time I used the method was when I became desperate for answers. It was about 10 o’clock at night and I used the 3-2-1 method and asked for answers. This time it took only 5 minutes for the answer to come. The message was so clear that I almost sleep walked to her car and got all the evidence I needed (emails that was in her briefcase). I did confront her and also forgave her that same evening. The marriage was over but because I forgave her the Universe immediately started working on me and from an emotional side I manage to handle the situation very well. I am using this method now almost all the time especially if I need answers or direction in business and personal decisions. I used the method last night to get answers on some business decisions, and I know I will receive my answers in the next day or two. When I met my new and wonderful girlfriend a year ago, I used the method to give me answers if she was the right person for me, I received answers every time.
My live has changed so dramatically in the last two years, I have read more than 40 books on self help and spiritual growth, and yes I have watched the movie the secret many times as well. I have grown spiritually and I will never look back, I have also discovered that we do not have to work so hard to accomplish our dreams, the universe is here to assist us in every way. Just Ask and you will Receive. The Silva method, the law of attraction, Robin Sharma’s examples are just some of the methods that is now part of my life and I use it on a daily basis. A new world has opened for me and I am still discovering.
God Bless and thank you."

~ Coenie

Better Life

"I'm Maria Paula Gutierrez Fernandez, I`m from Colombia, Latin America so my native language is Spanish, I had the pleasure to travel to Bogota, (it is the only city where you can take the Silva method course in Colombia) on June 2009 and took it, I just can tell you that my life has changed completely for good things, my self confident has grown so huge, that is very important to me as a person and as a future professional, in this moment I am studying bussiness administration an the silva method has helped me to be stronger.

Otherwise, after the course, I love being in my "relax place" there is where I practice all the techniques I learned and programming myself to achieves good and excellent things to me and I know that my dreams are going to come true, it just depend of me.

Today I am a complete HaPpY PeRsOn.... thanks for everything, Silva Method is one of the best things that could have happend in my life.

Don`t worry, I know that the Silva Intuition Program is in english but that is NOT a ploblem in my case because i understand english very well, that is not a pain in the neck for me ....lol...."

~ Maria Paula Gutierrez - Colombia

Goal setting and visualization

"I've known about Silva for a long time. I attended the 2 weekend seminar years ago. I have recently started to listening to the new Life System, with the idea of fully implementing the system and methods more fully than I ever had previously. The first thing I notice, now that I've started again, is that I feel less stressed and have more energy at the end of my day. That pays for the system all by itself, without my having gone far enough into the program to really implement the many techniques.

The thing that I learned about Silva from my past experiences is, when you know what you want, the techniques help you obtain it. Everybody knows that about goal setting and visualization, but Silva is a step-by-step process for doing that. It works. I once told a friend that I wanted to move to the state I now live in, and work at the job I now work in. He told me that was too specific a goal to be obtainable. It turns out it wasn't.

The other thing that amazes me about Silva, and that makes it one of the reasons I know I'll benefit more if I exert a little consistency and discipline, is that, during the weekend seminar years ago, I told someone my aunt's name, and the town she lived in, and that's all. A few minutes later, that woman told me my aunt has a prosthetic leg. And, that's true. She lost it in a car/horse accident as a teenager. So, even the most far-out stuff - the stuff I had to witness to believe - is real. There really is more to us than we know, and Silva is about knowing and using that."

~ Mike Gauthier - New Hampshire, US from Southern New Hampshire.

I Can Finally See The Light
I Can Finally See The Light

"The experiences I have noticed so far are...quite unexpected. You see, I have read and have bought programs that suggest positive thinking and the power of believing and I wasn't impressed with their material. They tell you to just concentrate and focus on the goal. My question was "How?" I requested my money back. It was boring and non enlightening. I kinda thought you were going to be similar if not the same.

What pushed me off the fence and go for it was your free session. Full instruction on what to do and how to do it to reach the learning plateau.
Then, instructions on what to do and when.

On top of that, the Alpha, Beta, Theta etc. brain wave session was great and left me wanting more! I felt changes both toward my goals and I also went through that 3 steps back experience.

It felt great when my mind didn't go wondering so much or going at 100+ mph. For the first time in years, I had control. I used to be intuitive in my younger years until life beat it out of me because I didn't know how to deal with the stress.

Now I have tools and knowledge. I have actually thanked God for helping me find you. Thank you so much. I finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!!"

~ Mario Alcala, Dallas from Texas

Feel Better Spiritually & Physically
Feel Better Spiritually & Physically

"My goal was to feel better spiritually and physically after experiencing a few challenging years that included poor health after an accident, death of loved ones, and dealing with many negative people, a few who tried to destroy my business.

I took the Silva course many years ago in New York and was one of the people used to measure brain wave patterns. I have always meditated using Silva techniques I learned back then, but until recently I've had no one in my life who knew anything about Silva. I purchased the SLS course and went through it three times. I also made contact with a Silva instructor and plan to attend a workshop, and hopefully bring one to my area. I began to feel better immediately and to see that there are very obvious ways out of all negative behaviors and experiences.

I have taken many steps to improve my life that I discovered while doing the meditations. I am seeking to understand why people fall away from these practices when they are so beneficial. For me, it was moving to a community where I had no contact with Silva people but I am changing that - as noted above. The e-mail and internet communications are also a huge help. There was no internet when I first discovered Silva.

I absolutely recommend Silva to others. I want people who have discovered all the "manifesting" books and Web sites to understand that the very core of these techniques and teachings comes from Jose Silva's work, so that is where they should begin. You know the old saying that you cannot learn to be a great artist until you can first draw a straight line? You will be very successful manifesting and programming a better life if you first study Silva.

Silva really does make our lives, better and better.

I also like the meditation downloads for the iPhone."

~ Elizabeth from Idaho

Self help
Self help

"My goal is to improve all aspects of my life and to share what I have learned with others.

I am still very new at this! (My husband is also working the the Silva Method and doing very well)! When I make time to [practice] I feel so different throughout my day. I have a knowing that I can accomplish all my goals easily, effortlessly and I have more than enough time and money to accomplish each and every goal.

Yes I would, and I have! With all the changes the earth is going through right now, the Silva Method is a very effective tool which takes our attention off of what "appears to be" and puts it on what "we expect it to be".

So far, I love it all! What has made the difference for me and my husband above all other "self help" products is the genuine caring contact. The e-mails have been so encouraging and the special bonuses are wonderful. We feel that the Silva family deeply and genuinely care about every living being (no matter what the species).

Our hearts and blessings will remain with the Silva family of teachers, mentors, guides, living examples and etc. You are making a difference!"

~ Gaia Edmiston - Oklahoma, US from Chickasha, Oklahoma

Good Things Happen Unexpectedly For Me Now
Good Things Happen Unexpectedly For Me Now

"My goal was to reach more Spiritual enlightenment and of course learning,exploring a new technique. Since finishing the 10 day course I've notice my dreaming has advanced greatly, never had a problem remembering the details of my dreams but since experimenting with your different techniques they have become more vivid, using the meditation exercise its like I'm in control of an unknown vehicle with extra accessories just waiting to be tested at any time suited to any need.

I know I'm not consistent everyday as I should be but I try to make it a general rule to at least meditate using the 3-2-1 method technique once a day and on better days 3 times a day. All in all I'm very satisfied with the Silva Life System. So far I've received a new job position which was unexpected which I believe was due to the help of the mirror of the mind technique. I feel like a Test Pilot in the seat of an advanced aircraft which is just waiting to reveal all the possibilities.

I have already, recommended it, to 3 people and directed them where to go for trial versions of your meditation. It is Such A Great Program!"

~ Ronie Johnson from Kansas

How The Silva Method Helped Me Improve For The Better
How The Silva Method Helped Me Improve For The Better

"Hello Laura and every one at "SILVA LIFE SYSTEM"

First of all I would like to thank the sources that provided me the link to "Silva Manifesting Method"

My goal of using Silva Manifesting is to change my life for the better and do good, so that I can help everyone in my family as well as my friends, and to help many people around the world.

I am also hoping that by using Silva Manifesting method it will help me attain my dreams and my purpose in life.

I have been using your product for almost five weeks now and it did help me achieve my goal of finding a job, which I hope to be starting in 2 weeks time.

I also have used it help me focus on my studies and to pass an exam which I failed once, and I passed five exams at once! :) I am now working on the second set of exams which is more difficult than the first. The 3rd set is on the 3rd of april and this time I must get ready to pass the entire test which is going to be 6 sections, consisting of 150 questions with a limited amount of time - 1 hr 10 mins. I am working very hard on it. I must pass them all before I can go for the FINAL INSTRUCTION EXAM. I am not aiming for minimum or just passing marks but I want to have the best and highest marks.

I would definitely recommend Silva Life System to other people. In fact, I have already shared it with my sister and friends.

I think it is very powerful when followed but people have to get into it and must have the willingness and desire to change themselves and the world around them.

I must admit it is not easy when your mind is pretty disturbed and always procrastinating. This is one of my biggest issues and is a continuous battle everyday, but the monkey mind exercise and centering exercise seems to be helping me.

Thank you so much and I know I still have a lot of work to do with my "SILVA MANIFESTING METHOD" digital program but I am hoping to get more focus as I go along."

~ Norma from Dubai, United Arab Emirate

My Life Has Improved Tremendously

"My goal of using Silva Life System was to get rid of the stress I had been under and to seek new direction in my life and a vision for the future.

I recognised that I was very confused, insecure and unmotivated, but I did not know how to get back on track and into the rhythm and flow of life.

Since using the program, I have regained my self-confidence and feel that I'm getting control of my life and it's circumstances again.

The teaching of creative visualization alone has helped me greatly. I am able to concentrate on my newly set goals and have already started accomplishing some of them. I am also getting a more positive outlook on life.

You show great confidence in your product and continuously strive to ensure customer satisfaction as well.

Keep up the great work and I'll keep you posted on further progress.


Angelica Curlingford

I will certainly recommend the Silva System to friends and family. As a mtter of fact I already have. I am convinced that it is a great program and would like everyone to experience and benefit from it just like I have.

The Silva Life System is a great system that works. I would even recommend the free online introductory program that you offer. Starting with that alone was very beneficial to me."

~ Angelica Curlingford from St. Maarten

Good start

"Hi im humza,just few days back i subscribed to your Silva method online,i have received the 1st lesson of ur e-book and went to visualize and write down as well as practicing my goals in life..that was what your 1st lesson said i should do and was greatly inspired by the stories of people included in it...im anxiously waiting for further lessons which u will send me with time.i am expecting my result on friday of this week i.e 7th august,i have strictly started to visualize and write down the marks which im going to achieve (also some other goals i plan to achieve in the future),in a few days i'll let u know if silva system has helped me achieve this goal,although i have just got 2 more days for my result but i firmly believe that applying silva method even for a few days wud help me get good marks..hope im not too late to start doing silva method...just on the beginning of it but my hopes are high and im sure i will get my desired marks just like Mr Scott did..."

~ Humza

Positivity In My Life
Positivity In My Life

"My main goal of acquiring Silva Life System was to have inner peace for personal development and also to have positivity in my life since I have been entangled with negativity.

After going through this wonderful program, I have achieved a lot with the positive energy. I am no longer a child but now a matured person. The beneficial statements are gradually taking roots in my sub-conscious.

It's a life program and I believe I need to take my time to adapt to all these techniques & directives. I think I will get all my goals accomplished.

I also hope to use my developing mind to become a genius. I am even happier now since I am able to not only help myself but also help others."

~ Eric Asante from Belgium

Empowering to goal's achievement!

"Dear Respectable and beloved Madam Laura Silva,
I am wishing all the best to you and your best team also. I hope that you could have been received my two separate comments of yesterday also.
My purpose of using Silva life system is to achieve more and more abundance in each and every aspect of my life and to serve the humanity un-conditionally beyond all kinds of barriers, by helping them to achieve the same positions, which I have achieved.
Already, I used to do meditations and nurturing the same goal also in my conscious awareness only. After I receiving the "Silva life system", about for the past two weeks, now I am practicing the Centering exercise and Alpha level exercises(two exercises), two times mostly everyday. After I began to practice these exercises, now I am able to feel my relaxations both physically and mentally and my confidence level also improved to attain my goal. But I am in lack of my visualization in my present days, as I have informed to you by mail already. Now about few days before only I have received the sources of some mind movie pictures like Alex from you, which now I strongly believe and I have the strong confidence that I will be able to improve my imagination by the help of the mind movie models. Definitely I will achieve all my goals shortly by your blessings and the grace of Supreme Reality. Then, I will send you my video with very best introduction with strong recommendation and excellent appreciation after I achieving a good result which would be very reasonable certainly without any missing, which I hope that you too will accept and appreciate my present idea.
Thanking you with my full heart with every cell of my body, mind and soul, requesting and expecting and awaiting for your continued guidance, co-operation and blessings.

Of course, definitely I am going to introduce the silvalifesystem to many more people, as I can. Because I have the very strong confidence as this silvalifesystem will definitely change the life of humanity to higher levels and perform miracles."

~ Sheikh Alaudeen from France