Testimonials on Healing

Overcoming obstacles
Overcoming obstacles

"I credit the Silva Method program, as the saver of my life, for helping me to develop my spirituality in many wonderful ways and become a much happier person while helping others in many ways.

My path to Silva has been a miracle. After my ex-husband left me I was crying every day and my friends were calling daily and inviting me left and right to keep me company. One day a friend called and suggested I listen to unusual story.
She visited her home town (Bucharest, Romania) and met a former university colleague who asked her to find the phone number of a former friend who lived in Germany. My friend took a while to locate this person she never met and finally found her; out of nowhere this woman shared with my friend how her life has been turned around in a miraculous way after attending a Silva method seminar.

After the course I started meditating and programming for my divorce to go through without any conflicts and in another miraculous way it did; even if my ex hated me and couldn’t stand talking to me, he helped me sell the house, even pack and move.

In 2005 I also took the Self Healing course where I met Kaykhosrow (Kain), another amazing instructor from whom I learned different and more advanced techniques.

To conclude, I am looking forward to be part of a Silva grads group after being part of one for almost 3 years; I continue to be part of this group, and the great Silva family, via email, every time there is a health case and the need to help with energy and healing."

~ Carmen Gheorghe - Vaughan, Canada

Better Life

"I'm Maria Paula Gutierrez Fernandez, I`m from Colombia, Latin America so my native language is Spanish, I had the pleasure to travel to Bogota, (it is the only city where you can take the Silva method course in Colombia) on June 2009 and took it, I just can tell you that my life has changed completely for good things, my self confident has grown so huge, that is very important to me as a person and as a future professional, in this moment I am studying bussiness administration an the silva method has helped me to be stronger.

Otherwise, after the course, I love being in my "relax place" there is where I practice all the techniques I learned and programming myself to achieves good and excellent things to me and I know that my dreams are going to come true, it just depend of me.

Today I am a complete HaPpY PeRsOn.... thanks for everything, Silva Method is one of the best things that could have happend in my life.

Don`t worry, I know that the Silva Intuition Program is in english but that is NOT a ploblem in my case because i understand english very well, that is not a pain in the neck for me ....lol...."

~ Maria Paula Gutierrez - Colombia

Meditation breaktrhough!

"I've been meditating for sometime, do healing on other people especially on my family and attended different seminars on improving oneself and the power of the mind.

Through the years of practice, may be, I was not able to grasp the power of the ALPHA level, that is the reason why I keep on backsliding, and returning back to step 1.

I am using now the centering and the alpha level meditation for the past two weeks, and the energy level that I have after the meditation is so much. No headache, no feeling of exhaustion and I feel I am always grounded.

The 3 to 1 method is also a powerful tool to bring down my anxiety level especially when everything seems so tough.
Now, I honestly believe that I can do more for myself, to other people and to the world as I continue my practice.

Yes. because on its positive effect on me
so simple, yet so powerful"

~ Dominador Mendoza, Jr. - Saudi Arabia from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Looking Forward to a Healthier Me"
"Looking Forward to a Healthier Me"

"I continue to listened to the audio-based guided meditation exercise.I noticed some good changes in me. I am doing the meditation exercise 2 times a day and I am looking forward to a healthier me. Thanks for this audio-based guided meditation exercise and thank you to the people from The Silva UltraMind system for this wonderful e-book."

~ Mary Rose from Sweden

Starting with great results

"I took the free Silva online course and really enjoyed it. I wanted more. More difference in my life, more moving ahead rather than losing ground. There's no way I could afford a Silva Seminar and the plane tickets, lodging, and food required. Since I was laid off in this bad economy I was debating whether or not it was worth it to purchase the Silva Life Accelerator Home Study Course.

I decided something had to change so I purchased the Home Study course and am very glad I did. I am only at the beginning of the course but am calmer, more hopeful about life, and less stressed. It was worth the money if this is all I get out of it.

Getting rid of stress, getting hopeful about life, and remaining calm when things go wrong is wonderful, but I'm at the tip of the iceberg."

~ Sandy

Healing The Natural Way
Healing The Natural Way

"I sought out the SilvaMIndBodyHealing because I have some health issues directly related to stress that I wanted to heal in a natural way.

I have been a Certified Reflexologist for twenty years and I wanted to enhance my alternative healing methods. Initially, I purchased the online only course but then upgraded to the physical package and I am so glad I did. The cd's are so convenient to listen to and I don't have to worry about what my internet speed is. The meditations are wonderful and although I have really just begun, I look forward at the end of my day to lying back and listening to the courses, knowing that I am learning valuable skills.

I am really interested in learning about remote healing. I already know the power of manifesting and now I am applying this art to healing my body.

Thank you so much. I can't wait to update you again when I am a bit further along in my studies. I really feel this course was an excellent investment and has come at just the right time in my career to take my healing methods to a new level.

I would absolutely recommend SilvaMindBodyHealing to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their lives and I won't hesitate to recommend it to my clientelle.

Attached is a picture of me with my ten month old twin granddaughters. They inspire me to seek out my most healthy self.

When they were born, one of them had repiratory issues and digestive problems and had to remain in the incubator. Within ten hours of her birth, I did reflexology on her tiny feet for fifteen minutes and the next day all tubes came off and within a few days, she was released from hospital with her twin.

I believe in the power of healing touch and sending healing thoughts to distant places. This course is perfect for me to learn more about remote healing and put it into practise. I believe it is my mission to be a healer on planet earth and to do this, I need to experience optimum health myself. This is why I was so impressed with SilvaMindBodyHealing and look forward to trying their other products."

~ Diane Lyndon from Trenton, Ontario, Canada

I'm Excited About The Progress So Far
I'm Excited About The Progress So Far

"My goal for using the Silva Intuition System was two-fold.

1) Generally, I've demonstrated to myself too many times to just dismiss, that I am very intuitive. That's something I want to develop.

2) Specifically, there are people in my life to whom I want to send healing. And I mean that quite literally. I intend to heal them. These are people who are very, very close to me yet, today, live quite a distance away.

I would recommend Silva Intuition System to anyone seeking an outcome similar to mine.

I haven't quite finished the course yet, but there are some exciting cosmic signs that I'm actualizing an amazing ability. On the days I listen to the tracks, there are always uncanny similarities.

I love this course. I took the Silva Accelerated Life Training course recently, but didn't really get into it as much. Maybe it was just the wrong time. So I'll address only the Intuition System.

I believe there's a good reason the Silva method's been around for so many years, and has been so influential on other self-development gurus. It works.

I'm also impressed by the fact that, even after Mr. Silva's passing, the research continues.

Maybe I'll give the Accelerated Life Training course another try at some point. For now, I've got some loved ones to heal."

~ Vittoria Conn from New York

Remarkable - Top Quality

"Thank you for the wonderful job you have done on the program, and all the tapes that you have produced. You are an excellent teacher, you make it so easy to learn.

The UltraMind ESP System and the Holistic Faith Healing home study course are both are remarkable. If one wants to make their life better, these are the tools to use!Top Quality! Regards and be well."

~ James Fallon from Hinsdale, Illinois

I Experienced A Huge Emotional Release

"I have started listening to the CDs and did the Forgiveness meditation (Section 2 CD 3) and had a HUGE emotional release - an episode connected to my mother when she was ill and as a 10 year old, I rejected her - nobody ever talked about cancer and nobody ever talked to a 10 year old. Although I "knew" she was ill I did not fully understand how ill. Anyway for the first time in 50 years I was able to cry and start the process of forgiveness of her and of me

My goal for using the Silva Method is to understand energy/ emotions/ healing

I would most definitely recommed the System. It takes time but I think we have stopped giving ourselves time in this mad rushing world, so I have started to welcome the quiet time I give myself each evening before going to sleep and am sleeping and feeling so much more relaxed."

~ Gladys from South Africa

Stop bad habits

"My main goal was to get pregnant. Still it didn't work out. I should tell that since I was very busy lately, I didn't listen to all the CDs (still listening to the 4th one). I'm also trying to get rid of my epilepsie that accompanied me since I was sixteen (now I'm 46 old). I'm feeling fine! I have a checking with my doctor next week.

Also my behavior improved (could control more my emotions since I'm the spontaneous kind of person) and could get rid (85%) of a very bad habit (pressing my teeth against each other) wich caused me major dental problems all through my life.

I'm always recommending the Silva Life System because it is very logical, very simple and easy to practise the Silva Method. It's only a matter of belief and persistence in chasing one's goal.

I think a good and hidden force attracts me intentionally to your website because so far Silva Life System is improving my life. I also believe that my goals, especially the dearest one ,will be granted to me by using my mind with the help of the Silva Method."

~ Hala Safieddine from Lebanon

I Am In Control Of My Emotions

"It has helped me heal and control my emotions. I am calmer and have been using the 3 and 5 finger tecnique. Laura Silva is really wonderful and I appreciate her generosity with sharing life changing lessons. So thank you.

Yes I would once I master it fully."

~ Elise Bruno from Kamloops BC Canada