Testimonials on Helping Children Learn

Mind Altering and Magical

"Allow me the opportunity to thank you again for a most joyous, momentous and excellent weekend. It was truly a worthwhile and memorable experience for me, as I had plenty of FUN, LEARNED really great, surprising and interesting facts, and experienced profound MIND ALTERING and MAGICAL things. Loved your goal setting segment. Thank you. I will be contacting several people that I have in mind within the next couple of days to share with them my thoughts and experience about your UltraMind seminar, and I will be forwarding their contact information to you once I have their approval. In addition, I will give my 15 year old nephew the gift of attending and participating in your next seminar this coming April."

~ Rick Mata from New York

"A Class All Should Attend"

"I would absolutely recommend this to others. I feel this is a tool everyone should use. This is a class all should attend... I feel children should be taught this from an early age, even preschool. Imagine the possibilities. Every parent should pass this on to their children and grandchildren."

~ Vondette from Georgia


"Hello. I am Ori, 13 years old. I lately decided to get into meditation, and I did research. I found you, and after the first audio lesson. Whoa.
Yet again, whoa. It was the greatest thing ever! I feel so much better, and already my migraine headaches that occur once a week will disappear, more quickly each time. Who needs aspirin when you have meditation, and but I wouldn't have discovered it without Silva Ultra Mind, and I thank you. I have a good feeling that my grades in school will be better this year, and again thank you."

~ Ori from Montana