Testimonials on Life Transforming

Jack Canfield says "Work with the source directly...the Silva Method"
Jack Canfield says "Work with the source directly...the Silva Method"

"I've been involved for 39 years in the human potential movement. I've Taken hundreds and hundreds of groups, studied every approach and methodology that I've ever found and I want to tell you that the Silva Method is one of the most profound approaches to the human potential movement that I've ever discovered.

Literally Jose Silva and the work that he did, and the instructors have done over the years has influenced every major approach from EST to Landmark to Lifespring to Insight to the work I do etc.

And so its really critical, if you want to take and go right to the source where much of this works comes from, why work with the people that have evolved from it? Why not work with the source directly and that would be to work wit the Silva Method. And so I want to strongly encourage you to get involved with the Silva Method. And take your life to the next level in terms of health, wealth and happiness. You owe it to yourself to do that."

~ Jack Canfield, Best-Selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series of Books, Featured Teacher in "The Secret" and author of the Success Principles from Napa, California

"The whole experience has brought me incredible insights. The Instructors have been wonderful and tuned in to our collective and individual needs. I had a feeling that this would be intense in a positive way - and it far exceeded my expectations. The experience has been awesome and is the beginning of something wonderful!"

~ Alexandra Sola from NJ, July, 2007

"Dr. Fullam's energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"

~ Marty Horowitz from NJ, July, 2007

"Every time I attend a Silva Seminar, I always pick-up something useful/helpful in the application of the techniques to my daily life. Dr. Aretoula Fullam and Bill Fullam's seminar is outstanding. I truly enjoyed this weekend seminar. They are truly two of the few best Instructors of the Silva Method."

~ Daniel Nuez from NJ, July 2007

"The combination of Aretoula's psychology background and Bill's physics background lend an unusual credibility to a subject that many might dismiss as a scam. Even as a prior graduate this was important to me."

~ Tom Kriz from Pennsylvania, July, 2007

"I am so thrilled that I was able to complete, finally, the Silva Course, and that it was you who led it - such enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject, and the desire to share those things with others was so evident. It added so very much to what I had remembered from before, and is helping me greatly in coping with present challenges.

Thank you again for reminding me that Every Day in Every Way I'm getting, Better, Better and Better."

~ J.F from River Vale, NJ

"Taking the Ultra Silva course did something magical. What I learned in the BLS course were invaluable tools, the Ultra made those tools and more click in place. My daily practice had more verve and meaning. I received a deeper understanding of the science behind Silva's brilliant contribution to us all. Dr. Fullam and her husband Bill are delightful and incredibly insightful people. I am thrilled to be one of their students and would encourage anyone to learn from them, should they have the opportunity."

~ Tiffany Barsotti from New Jersey Nov. 12, 2006

""A Positive self-image (taught by Silva) is very important for spiritual growth.""

~ Father Norris Clarke, Philosophy Professor, Fordham University, and past president of the Metaphysical Society of America

Best-Selling Author Richard Bach on the Silva Method
Best-Selling Author Richard Bach on the Silva Method

"Creative visualization is really what's behind the Silva Method; that is, whatever you can visualize, you can actualize."

~ Richard Bach, Silva Method advocate and author of one of the hottest books in years, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

"Thank You for a wonderful 2 day seminar last weekend ! As a previous graduate, I can say that it was every bit as magical and inspiring as the first time I took it, in 1979. You were like an angel up there guiding us through all the exercises, and your voice was still echoing in my mind a day later, in a pleasant way."

~ Larry Gulmi from New Jersey, October 2007

"I am a repeat Silva Method student. Dr. Fullam's presentation, her caring, her counseling, and her insights into the benefits of the Silva Method were enlightening and heartwarming. Dr. Fullam offered so much in the seminar. And I derived so much more. Thank you Dr. Fullam for being the only one willing to go the extra mile. You are a very special spirit. And I would wish all of humanity could benefit from you and your enthusiastic style. I highly recommend to anyone that they take this special seminar with this special lady"

~ Robert Wall from October 2007, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your loving energy and greatness. Thank you for sharing this amazing seminar with us. Your commitment to Humanity is Huge. The UltraMind ESP seminar came to me at the time when I needed it the most. I have learned so much about myself, my greatness, spiritual, intuitive part that I was ignoring. You have no idea the difference you made in my life. Thank you."

~ Carmen Moreno from Bethlehem, PA

"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have experienced Dr. Fullam's dynamic presentation of the life-altering Silva Method Seminar, as well as the profoundly inspiring insights she shared throughout. An unforgettable weekend -- one that has dramatically transformed my own perception of my past, present, and potential for the future."

~ Victoria M. Sola from New Jersey

"Things are going awesome. Your seminar was incredible, ..... especially the way you both put everything together. Your energy and enthusiasm is quite contagious; words, knowledge and love seem to just slip out of your mouth perfectly, going directly to each and every person in your class in just the perfect way!"

~ Megan Gouldner from New York

"Dear Dr. Fullam and Bill,
Once again, many thanks for such great time in your classes and for bringing a lot of nice people together. It is said that one of the ways to find happiness (health, success, prosperity, etc.), is to find a person who is happy (healthy, successful, rich, etc.) and ask for his/her own experience. I think – the best way to achieve the endless possibilities of what the Silva Method offers, is to learn it from people who convert those possibilities to realities. You are this kind of people. Your achievements are the example of the success of the Silva Method, and your own life experience is your best credibility. Your knowledge, attitude and energy make you exceptional teachers. I am sure, Jose Silva would be very proud of you and your job."

~ Elena from New York

"Know Thyself” is something that most if not all wise men over the years have said.

You can read the Bible, the Talmud, the Hindu Vedas and all the discourses of the Buddha, in order to achieve this.

Or you can spend two days with Dr. Aretoula Fullam and Bill Fullam and know who you are and what you are capable of.

You WILL know that you live within a field of Infinite Possibilities and that you can choose your own possibilities and thereby live a life of choice instead of circumstances."

~ Himanshu Raval from New Jersey

"I attended the UltraMind ESP seminar for a second time with Dr. Aretoula and Bill Fullam, in NJ. Your course was much more informative on the background and the practical application of all the techniques."

~ Mark A. Keyes from PA

"I have reviewed the Basic Series course three times with different instructors. This particular seminar has helped me most in focusing better on projects, goals and working at the alpha level. I found most useful the 3-scenes mental technique for problem solving, the depth I reached in the alpha level, and the in depth comments, explanations and experiences shared by Dr. Aretoula Fullam."

~ Cielo Estrada from New Jersey

"I am amazed with the ease and depth of relaxation I learned in only two days. My visualization ability has improved tremendously after doing the Mental Video Technique, which is the best technique to use. I am so much happier now after completing the Silva UltraMind ESP Course."

~ Rajneesh Kumar from Charlotte – North Carolina

"This seminar (UltraMind ESP), delivered more than I expected and will definitely influence my life in the future. I am able to remain at the alpha level longer now and I enjoyed being into and experiencing the different kingdoms and levels of consciousness."

~ Sunjiv Desai from New Jersey

"Dr. Fullam and Bill Fullam have taught us a very special mind-training course in subjective education, subjective communication and remote viewing or ESP! I did not believe any of these when I registered for the course! I know now, that is possible! I did it! All the participants did it! I know that anyone who is seating through Dr. Fullam’s mind-training course will graduate with a tremendous and immeasurable depth of insight, enthusiasm, and prophetic, if you will, abilities that are innate in every human being. This course is indeed, the beginning of the second phase of human evolution, the era of the mind and conscious creation! This seminar is based on solid scientific foundation and it makes so easy and clear the understanding of how the brain works! I am amazed! …Mostly, I am grateful that I learned how to think, how to stay totally focused, how to project my mind and pick-up information non-accessible to my physical senses, how to tap into my creative side, and how to live a life of my design!"

~ Angelina J. McChalla from Connecticut

"Dynamic Meditation and ESP demonstrate unshakable evidence of the power and capabilities of the human mind in an easy to learn method. It brings together physics and metaphysics, psychology and parapsychology, science and religion in such an eye opening experience that is beyond real magic. I freed myself from negative self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and I emerged a new person, able to use my mind in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Dr. Fullam! Thank you Bill! You inspire all who you touch."

~ James Anton Schreitzsof from New York City

Great results

"When I ordered the Silva Life Program, I was seeking more prosperity and better health in my life, as well as more love. I had purchased many programs prior to purchasing the Silva Life program and had very minimal success. Minimal enough that I regarded it as chance or the law of average. I decide to do a more rigid test with the Silva life program to assure myself that it was the program and not mere chance that created the outcome I was seeking.

I own a small business that has been impacted by the economy to the point that I have considered closing down. I began using the program several weeks ago and discovered a series of situations were presenting themselves to me not only to reignite my business but to expand it many fold in ways that had not been available before. I was getting support from people I had met during the course of using this program and also from people I knew for sometime that had never shown any interest in my business before this.

Being a skeptic however I was still not totally convinced that it was the program and not chance, until people I had not seen in months and in some cases years began to resurface and contact me. I have been reunited with a childhood sweetheart that I haven't seen in many years and an uncle that I haven't seen in over twenty years.

To date, my ability to program for, and manifest the life that I desire appears to be unfolding exactly as Laura Silva promised. I anticipate greater results as I continue to use this program and for anyone who is not living the life they desire I highly recommend trying this program

I have tried many programs before coming to the Silva programs. Many of these programs I found were hard to follow because they were infused with a lot of unnecessary information, hard to follow, or presented in a way that the average person could not relate to. The Silva programs are easy to follow and produce results in a very short time. The key, as explained by Laura Silva, Burt Goldman and others involved in the Silva program is a belief system that you will get the results you desire and actually using the programs as prescribed."

~ Mitch - Maryland, US from Maryland

Silva Life System Provided Me With Surprising Quick Results

"My goal has been to get help with handling constant high stress and worry.

I have found that the Silva Life System provided me with surprising quick results through the meditation techniques. It has has allowed me to spend time where I have been able to completely isolate my thinking from daily issues, and relax to a much greater extent than I have been able to before. I am now coping much better with issues impacting me on a daily basis. The more time I spend using the meditation method the more in control and relaxed I feel. I also now have the tools to quickly initiate a mediation session if I have the need.

I would certainly recommend the Silva Life System to anyone that is seeking a method to gain relief from stress though a simple meditation technique.

I have only been using the Silva Life System for a relatively short time but it has helped me greatly and I can see it being with me for a long time to come."

~ Wayne from Brisbane, Australia

"Dr. Aretoula Fullam and Bill Fullam, are warm, enthusiastic and patient!"

~ Sue Noel from NJ, July 2007

"I've developed and I am still developing my skills consistently for 5 years now and I have and I am making nice progress in many areas and find the Silva Method an excellent vehicle for transforming lives. I've bettered my life tremendously and want to help show others the true potential of our minds so they and we can further help themselves/ourselves and help others."

~ Salvatore D'Ottavio.

"Thank you is not enough to say for the Silva Mind Control gift you gave me. I feel I have been in denial, and not allowed myself to accept this valuable tool in life. This course was a great moment of truth for me. I am not the positive person I believed I am. I kept telling myself I am not doing this the right way. I stopped doing this. I am beginning it now, and not deny myself this new quality of life. Thank you. Love and Remembering,"

~ BB from Paramus, NJ

""The Silva Method meditation and relaxation techniques help me being able to relax my body and actually feeling results physically and mentally. It helps me in coping with everyday frustrations. I think I smile more (I always did a lot) but now I feel more sincere, relaxed and positive.""

~ McCB from New Jersey, May 2005

""Jose Silva gave us the key, ... our life has not been the same since. Far richer, far more exciting, and so much easier. ""

~ John and Rita Donohue

"Silva Mind Control is "a progressive responsible and beneficial enterprise.""

~ Dr. Walter Clark

Good Things Happen Unexpectedly For Me Now
Good Things Happen Unexpectedly For Me Now

"My goal was to reach more Spiritual enlightenment and of course learning,exploring a new technique. Since finishing the 10 day course I've notice my dreaming has advanced greatly, never had a problem remembering the details of my dreams but since experimenting with your different techniques they have become more vivid, using the meditation exercise its like I'm in control of an unknown vehicle with extra accessories just waiting to be tested at any time suited to any need.

I know I'm not consistent everyday as I should be but I try to make it a general rule to at least meditate using the 3-2-1 method technique once a day and on better days 3 times a day. All in all I'm very satisfied with the Silva Life System. So far I've received a new job position which was unexpected which I believe was due to the help of the mirror of the mind technique. I feel like a Test Pilot in the seat of an advanced aircraft which is just waiting to reveal all the possibilities.

I have already, recommended it, to 3 people and directed them where to go for trial versions of your meditation. It is Such A Great Program!"

~ Ronie Johnson from Kansas

My Life Has Transformed

"Hi, just so you know I travel between Sicamous and Pr. George.
My goal is to harness my overactive central-nervous system to become a grounded and peaceful person. I've always been super sensitive.

A brief history: I began having major problems with adrenalin surges literally overnight somewhere in grade 8. I am 51 now. These surges of adrenalin were like huge waves of 'butterflies' in stomach, like a huge overwhelming crescendo, over and over.

This issue literally took over my life in grade 8. Literally overnight, I went from sleeping ok, to not sleeping at all.I remember the onset well, it was horrible, there was no help from my parents.

Over time I became accustomed to the adrenalin surges, which were now coming 24/7, I learned to cope. Silva is my lifeline, teaching me new depths of understanding,of letting go,of grounding, of compassion for self and others.

I would recommend Silva because it is, quite literally, life-saving"

~ Cheryl Goobie from Sicamous, BC and Prince George, BC

The Silva Program Has Changed My Life
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"Many years ago my daughter shared with me some of a live Silva course she took while living in Toronto ON . I have had many health challenges during my eighty years of living including six car accidents, starting at age five, eight pregnancies resulting in six live births, terrible arthritis, (which has been almost eliminated by becoming vegetarian over seven years ago,) poor eyesight that has now developed into macular degeneration, a bout with closed angle glaucoma resulting in laser surgery, hypothyroidism, obesity, etc. Several falls resulting in multiple injuries including broken ribs. Well, you get the picture, a pretty crippled, but determined old lady. I was fighting to stay out of a wheelchair, but could barely walk fifty feet without terrible pain and having to have a place to sit down, thus a walker with a seat. My husband died after only six weeks of terrible cancer on feb 17 2011, adding to my trauma.

Six months ago I underwent hip surgery which turned into a heart condition that required two weeks in hospital instead of three days. I went home to painfully recuperate, and determined to get off all pharmaceutical medications except perhaps, the desiccated thyroid medication. I succeeded in that and felt much better but still struggled with my weight, and pain control.

One day something arrived in my mail offering a free Silva course, which I jumped at, wanting to learn more remembering the little program I had learned to use to help me get to sleep and was still using successfully. This promised to help me learn how to meditate which I had been only half successful with for several years. For some reason my computer blocked the first two lessons but gave me all the other ones which I did not even want to open until I had learned one and two .

Finally, in desperation, I ordered the whole course with two payments . You should see me now! And I have not even finished half the course. I am walking up and downstairs, like a normal person, totally psi free, absolutely no pain in my hip, some small back pain, which I will also overcome and I have built myself what I call my mantra which goes like this. "I have excellent vision and hearing, a clear, sharp mind,and a slim, strong, pain free and healthy body". Which I say many times a day, and before every meditation session. I am so happy that I bought the tapes and am putting them to good use. It is working.

Thank you Silva, for new life!

I would love to make a video and start with pictures of my old, fat, crippled, painful, body, and now, I walk with no pain, get in and out of cars with ease, even up into a big truck with holy cow handles that I can hoist myself up into with, my strong arms and still no pain etc, but I do not know how to do this, so when I return to BC near the end of the month I will get my son to help me with this. Thank you for the Silva Mind Body Healing tapes which was well worth what I have paid for, and the new body and life I am now living. People who have not seen me since last year, can hardly believe their eyes when they see me. Joni

Absolutely I have been telling people already and am sharing the tapes with my son.

Absolutely fantastic. I am sure now, that I will live beyond one hundred years in a happy, healthy, pain free and strong body. Thank you, Jose Silva."

~ D Joan. Bund. ( Joni ) from Thrums BC Canada, right now in Raymond Alberta Canada

Silva Life System Saved My Life!

"I started the Silva System as a meditation to save my life . Literally, I learned earlier this year that my son became autistic after immunization. I have taught kids with special needs, including autism for 20 years. I could only see the hard work ahead.

I had a nervous breakdown, and became suicidal.

I found a Silva graduate who is helping my son, and now that I have done the online course, I am doing the same. I also asked God, through my meditations to help me to be able to find a cure for him. In one week, I have met the most amazing people online, through the phone, and it looks like we have found a great diet which with our programming helps him. When we started - 2 months ago- he couldn't talk. Today he copied me saying "I love you" and gave me a big kiss.

I have always been intuitive, but now I can direct my thought for a good cause- previously I felt like I kept creating negative thoughts.

What I usually program now, apart from a normal life with my healthy " normal" kids is money that I can do the course with Laura, and that Laura helps me to do a CD to recover autistic people.

I always thought I had to work hard for results, now I just wish hard for them.


I was skeptical about the Silva method initially, but just after the first lesson amazing things happened to me and thank God they are still happening.
It was great to have a mentor while I was studying, someone who could correct my misconceptions, however it was hard to find.

The Silva method is great.

I would love to continue, just as Laura mentions in her presentations the hypnosis sessions etc. I would love to learn more and experience those as well.

Perhaps there could be a competition for the Silva people - like myself to win a session with Laura and visit the MindValley center as well for coaching. :)"

~ Zsuzsanna Hay from Australia - Perth

"All the techniques are really amazing! They seem so useful and very much in our reach; they are very practical in life and make me feel like this is very easy and that it is going to bring to me positive results. The UltraMind ESP training did boost my way of thinking. It helped me eliminate the majority of negativity in me. It helped me change my attitude towards myself. Now, I have a clear insight about myself and my abilities. I do feel valued and important. Thank you Dr. Silva. Thank you Dr. Fullam. This seminar, and especially Dr. Aretoula Fullam, have started the process towards success and a happy life. Dr. Fullam has showed me the way. Now it is up to me to walk this way and I know, at the back of my mind and deep down in my heart, that she is always going to be there for me to help me out when I need help, just like “An Angel.” To guide me during times of darkness!

Thank you very much Dr. Fullam for the wonderful seminar and your professional presentation! You are simply amazing."

~ Darshna Khatri from New Jersey

Better perspective

"There are very clear and profound reasons why everybody just have to use the Silva method:
-calms you when you are stressed with everyday's demands
-energize your whole body and mind
-focuses you on things there are important
-guides you how to see things from new, better perspective
-allows you to enjoy the life
-puts you in center of cosmic welfare

All that and more, I got from using Silva method every day."

~ Kristiyan