Testimonials on Positive Attitude

I am becoming a positive role model with the youth
I am becoming a positive role model with the youth

"My goal is to start my own business and first I needed to pass my license exam...the first time because I wasn't getting a second chance due to procrastination.
I don't test well. My pattern was to get scared, panic, lose time due to panic, hurry up and do the test and then fail the first time. In other situations I could usually get a second test because of the anxiety. In college, I would fail the midterm and ace the final. It was rough.
I ordered the silva system and was so excited, I got online and accessed my account with MINDVALLEY. I downloaded the first CD:
Think positive! Clean up your mind. Tell yourself you can change and you can do the things you desire! Learn to self program success! Wonderful. Just what I needed. I have been hardwired negative thoughts and constantly seeking to overcome my past.
I listened insistently as much as I could before my exam. And seriously talked to me, myself and I about successfully passing this exam on the first try.
This test tells you instantly if your answer is the preferred one or of lesser quality. Well my first two responses were of lesser quality!! Fear struck my heart. I panicked and missed the third one too.
I need a break I thought and went out to have another cup of coffee. I paced. I scared myself good when I thought of failing. Then I took a deep breath. I said my prayer of faith and confidence and asked for guidance to ensure passing the first time because I already took too long to get here to test. I did my meditation, imagining success. I breathed in positive self-affirmation and breathed out negative self-condemnation.
I passed, I got my license, I got my license!!!
This is awesome. I am winning the battle over my negative self-condemning history and am becoming a positive role model with the youth at my workplace.
I feel great. I am actually enjoying life and that is awesome. Since starting the Silva Method I have also quit taking pain relievers for the arthritic pain and am able to meditate away the symptoms of body cramps, irritability, and muscle tension. Life is getting better and better every day. Thank you.

They are good and very helpful. I havent tried other products."

~ Sharon Cross ~ Washington, US from Washington

Enjoyed it All

"I enjoyed it all! The class discussions were important, the quick paced seminar was great as you always had the feeling you were achieving something. Also [the] summation with goal setting and putting us on our path for our future including Ultramind were most important. Yes, I feel more in control of my life. I am also very positive about the results I will be getting from my further programming."

~ Sandra Fierling from Toronto, ON, Canada

This brought life and hope back to my life!

"Two years ago I got stuck in a painful emotional situation.My life was collapsing and I felt so sad and helpless.Just by pure luck I read about the
Silva method and out of desperation decided to take the free lessons.This brought life and hope back to my life and made me see again the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Silva meditation and lessons made me positive again.

Thank you so much."

~ Lina

Personal growth

"Some goals I had when starting the Silva course were; to accelerate my personal growth, to help my recovery from a lengthy period of substance addiction, and to improve my general well-being and inner resources. I have been using it for about two months now, and the results are very good so far. I often get the sense that there is a very real and infinite potential available to us when I am practicing the techniques, and that my life will be unrecognizable in a few years. I am using it to cultivate a new attitude of unconditional love and support for myself, to replace the old attitude of harsh criticism, and I am glad to say this is working. I am also programming myself to be of help to others, as this is where true happiness and freedom lies. I am eager to see where this process will lead, and am grateful for the help.

I would recommend it to anyone wishing to access deeper and more resourceful levels of consciousness, and anybody who thinks they could use a helping hand with their life's issues. It seems to me to help any and all situations it is applied to.

The Silva products that I have used seem to me to be very creative and simple approaches to raising consciousness. I like using the glass of water and three fingers technique, and I notice that they always give results."

~ GearĂ³id, Ireland from Ireland

Powerful to find your truthful purpose

"I was searching for meaning and the means to identify my true purpose in life. One may posses all the talent and knowledge in the world but without the purpose it is all meaningless. I bought numerous self development programs, walked on fire and closed my eyes ten thousand times but could not find the drive to propel me forward. I clicked on the site many times and wondered if I was going to be disappointed yet again.
But I was not. The very first CD I listened to convinced me that this was not just a program but a new way to look at life - a deeper way. This program was the first step on the path to finding real purpose and discovering so much more in myself. I love my counselors and can hardly wait to meet and discuss problems and share insights. This technique alone is worth the price of the course a hundred times and more. Powerful...

I would definitely but only if I am certain that the individual is seeking something deeper. I believe that you find the way only when you are ready - your search for truth is personal.

I have used both the Silva Life system and the Intuition program.
My advice to other students would be to listen carefully to the CDs and the exercises a first time and then program on the second listen. The information is powerful and the techniques too invaluable to attempt to be thinking about what you really want while trying simultaneously to follow Laura's instructions.
I write everything down clearly so the information is immediately accessible when I am finally ready to program the exercises.
I would tell students that there may not be significant changes initially but you feel that something is shifting in your attitude and mind set - better and better suggests constant growth and consistency is the key.
The program works but you have to be clear in your own mind what you truly want and it offers the means to take you there. If you are a person searching for your true self... take this course."

~ Jacqueline - New Jersey, US from Summit, New Jersey

New attitude for life

"My goal was to get my mind and life in order and keep growing as a human being. I started by ordering the Silva Life System CDs, but then downloaded the Silva Intuition CDs and am listening to them after hearing just a few of your Life System CDs, sensing I needed now to hear what the Intuition CDs had to tell me. I am becoming calmer, starting to exercise the first time in a while.

I have also had some amazing insights into old family problems and the attitudes of my relatives in the 1950s and now relating to WWII. My parents were Holocaust survivors and these insight got me to understand the real meaning of some indirectly stated words a distant relative was telling me two years ago but was afraid to say the outright meaning to me. I've also found myself being drawn to books with deep psychological insight yet written in plain language for regular people, books that have been out for a few years but could never find before. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher (or book) will come. Meeting with other people is now also easier to handle.

I look forward to the other good things that will happen as the result of my continuing to listen to and practice what is on all the Silva CDs that I was fortunate to find.

I would recommend the Silva methods CDs to anyone who wants to get out of a rut in their life.

I like your Intuition CDs and your Life Systems CDs very much and would recommend them to anyone."

~ Jack Kemp - New York, US from New York, NY

Feel Better Spiritually & Physically
Feel Better Spiritually & Physically

"My goal was to feel better spiritually and physically after experiencing a few challenging years that included poor health after an accident, death of loved ones, and dealing with many negative people, a few who tried to destroy my business.

I took the Silva course many years ago in New York and was one of the people used to measure brain wave patterns. I have always meditated using Silva techniques I learned back then, but until recently I've had no one in my life who knew anything about Silva. I purchased the SLS course and went through it three times. I also made contact with a Silva instructor and plan to attend a workshop, and hopefully bring one to my area. I began to feel better immediately and to see that there are very obvious ways out of all negative behaviors and experiences.

I have taken many steps to improve my life that I discovered while doing the meditations. I am seeking to understand why people fall away from these practices when they are so beneficial. For me, it was moving to a community where I had no contact with Silva people but I am changing that - as noted above. The e-mail and internet communications are also a huge help. There was no internet when I first discovered Silva.

I absolutely recommend Silva to others. I want people who have discovered all the "manifesting" books and Web sites to understand that the very core of these techniques and teachings comes from Jose Silva's work, so that is where they should begin. You know the old saying that you cannot learn to be a great artist until you can first draw a straight line? You will be very successful manifesting and programming a better life if you first study Silva.

Silva really does make our lives, better and better.

I also like the meditation downloads for the iPhone."

~ Elizabeth from Idaho

I Am More Focused Now
I Am More Focused Now

"My main goal was to become more focused. Aged 66, and a classical musician, I felt that I had not achieved what I had wanted to in my life, and had almost given up hope of ever achieving it. Now I feel much more positive and determined to accomplish what I know that I am capable of.

I am impressed with the down-to-earth approach on the CD's especially the excellent way that Laura and the rest of the team explain the System.

I would certainly recommend the SilvaLife system, and have done so already. It is easy to use, and the concepts are easy to understand. The delivery on the recordings by, with variation of tone and speed especially by Laura, are excellent, and one feels that she is talking directly to you, and not on a multi-personal medium.

I have only tried the SilvaLife System, and, as I have said, I am very happy with it."

~ Colin Price from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Great Experience

"[The] Weekend was a great experience for me. It reinforced what I have always believed - that we use so little of the universal mind and our intuitive, extra sensory perception abilities and therefore limit ourselves and our potential to help ourselves and others. I feel different. More self confidence about my future and my ability to create my own reality. New possibilities are opening up and I am more robustly pursuing my dreams."

~ Z. Malik

I find myself more positive, organized and disciplined - Thank you, Silva Family

"About twenty years ago my sister, brother-in-law and mother took the Silva Method in Philadelphia. I heard about it but procrastinated. I finally got around to taking the Silva Method class. It was a great experience. I continue to work the method and read further.

I can't wait until I get to take my next class. It is inspirational and transformational. I find myself much more positive, organized and disciplined. I am sorry I didn't do it earlier but I am glad I am working the method now."

~ Lew Weiss from Philadelphia

Helped Me Reduce My Stress

"In regards to my life I have noticed a big change. I used to be under a lot of pressure and stress (job related), but the first time i used the Alpha method just for practice, I noticed that I was able to handle the same amount of daily pressures, and I was calm and able to laugh about it. It seemed odd for me because i was just practicing. So as of this week I will go to Alpha level everyday, at least 15 minutes. I have it on my iPod so there is no excuse. The good thing is that I'm not forcing myself to do this. I actually missed not doing my meditations.

I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to be open and ready for to change to a more optimistic outlook on life."

~ Mary Lou from Southern California

Start a new day

"I have known for three years now that I have adhd,Iam two months from being the Big 50.In all areas of my life I just could not figure out why my life was such a struggle.Just spinning wheels and barely getting by.IT's a sad feeling going through like feeling incompetent and knowing deep down inside that you are smart enough to do better and discover at the same time that I suffered from depression.So this is where the SilverLifeSystem comes in,Ifeel that I have not found the correct medicine to help me with my focus.I was surfing the net and came across Silva's demos(meditation).When I finish the downloads I was feeling pretty good,so I laid down on my sofa,and all of a sudden it was if a light came on.There was such clarity.I said WOW.The first thing I did was jump up and went to my bedroom and start gathering and picking things up and this creative thought came to mind for me to act if I was just picking fruit.Silva has given me hope.

I am puzzle as to why the Doctors are not pushing Silva instead of pills.I have always had been dreams and no HOPE.NOW I HAVE SILVA AND HOPE!THANKS SILVALIFESYSTEM"

~ Terry Smith - Athens, Greece from Athens Ga.

I Found Love With This System

"Even though I do not believe I have mastered the techniques yet I feel very positive, I truly believe the SUMS system is the path to reach deep and get connected with the universe and the highest source of all things and is a true gift to give our children, ourselves and all those in need.

I really would like to pursue this and love it so much that I dream one day I can also be a guide / teacher to others. Even though in Puerto Rico there are no seminars I am looking to the budget to see if I can take a seminar sometime.

I have already started with my husband listening and even though a little skeptical at first he also agrees that it is a wonderful technique really worth pursuing. My next step is to present the system to our three daughters during the summer as I believe it will be a great loss in their lives (or anybodies) not to have these tools.

Thank-you so much and I really truly love this system, I consider it a savior. Like finding love and you ask where have you been all my life!!!
My goal is to keep learning and hopefully share this with others."

~ Marie Johnson from Puerto Rico

My Life Has Improved

"My goal was to accelerate my personal growth- better focus, more confidence, be happier, and have a more positive attitude. After going through a divorce and loss of a career path - the foundations of my life had been rocked.

The Silva system has definitely improved my life. I feel at peace as my personal and business goals have come into focus and I feel as though I am rocketing towards them. The Silva system has made life an exciting adventure again.

Yes. I will and already have recommended it.

I think it is fantastic. I have used it in conjunction with other things. For example, I became familiar with Silva while reading a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Using the Silva System while reading/studying complimentary work like Dr Dyer has really helped accelerate positive changes in my life."

~ Blaine Miller from scottsdale, az

Silva helped me to figure out the missing part in my life

"Well, as I began recieving the emails from you, I was so excited and felt that the Silva Method is the kind of method I was looking for to optimise all the life lessons I've been putting into practise for more than 20 years using some positive thinking methods namely the books by Louise Hay and Joseph Murphy among others. During those years, I have achieved certain success in my life but there are certain issues that are still unsolved. I recently realized that the reason why I haven't achieved certain issues is because I had gone through the time of thinking or not thinking positively at all times or on the daily continuous basis. Or perhaps more presicely speaking, I didn't know how to put myself into the alpha state on the daily basis.

This spring, like so many people on the planet at this point in the human history, I came across with the materials such as Abraham-Hicks, "The Secret" and the materials elaborated by its mentors and various new people/organizations/materials. After examing all that I have acquired in the past few months, I've found that the Silva Method to be most effective. And most importantly, I feel closest to the philosophy; Not only to achieve good in our individual life but also to help others and the planet along the way."

~ Susan Sachana from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

I go to level every night and every morning and tell myself that I am going to have a great day

"Back in April 2009 I was looking on the internet to find something that could help me give some insight as to how our lives will turn out. We are sitting on the verge of bankruptcy and as you can immagine, our lives are very stressfull. So stressful in fact that it was affecting my ability to do my job.
I came across the Silva System and decided to look further into it as it sounded very interesting and best of all I could get a lot of the information for free.
I was more and more interested as I received each new Email and wanted to purchase the Silva Ultramind ESP System. I had one credit card that the Bank hadn't stopped so used it to purchase the Ultramind SyStem.
I have listened to each disk over and over again and although there has been no dramatic changes to our financial state, there have been lots of changes.
I go to level every night and every morning and tell myself that I am going to have a great day, I can do my job, I am great at my job and everyone will be impressed at how good I am at my job. It has worked,
Now I have people telling me how good I am at work how they love working with me. I have tried all of the different methods, some work others I struggle with. At the moment I am working on the dream method but my mind either keeps wandering or I fall asleep I find it difficult to concentrate as my mind is so busy. I will keep trying because when you get it right it does work."

~ Tina, New Zealand from New Zealand

Silva Method Helped To Overcome Depression

"I had tried a demo version of Silva online and was very surprised of how well it worked. I was able to stop taking the Wort pills. And I used that demo experience to get through the intense pain of a medical procedure. It really worked. I learned "mind games" that allowed me to endure a high level of physical pain. I was very impressed. So I invested in buying the full version CD set of Silva.

With it I have been training myself to think differently about stressful things that happen, and also use it to bring about relaxation (seriously needed to get myself functioning normally again). It really does work ! I would totally recommend the Silva program.

It is now 3 years past the death of my younger brother, and 1 year since that seriously humiliating event was done to me (by people I had previously trusted and one I thought was a friend of the family).

After one year I still have some work to do (and it takes time) to get all the way back to pre-deaths state of mind, but have made very much progress and gotten myself under control and much better able to deal with any new problems that come along. Silva was a tremendous help. A very worthwhile investment. Very satisfied."

~ Mary Pasquale - New York from New York

Positivity In My Life
Positivity In My Life

"My main goal of acquiring Silva Life System was to have inner peace for personal development and also to have positivity in my life since I have been entangled with negativity.

After going through this wonderful program, I have achieved a lot with the positive energy. I am no longer a child but now a matured person. The beneficial statements are gradually taking roots in my sub-conscious.

It's a life program and I believe I need to take my time to adapt to all these techniques & directives. I think I will get all my goals accomplished.

I also hope to use my developing mind to become a genius. I am even happier now since I am able to not only help myself but also help others."

~ Eric Asante from Belgium