Testimonials on Self Confidence


"Just want to let you know that the course that you facilitated was terrific. Providing the class with lots of examples from scientists, other Silva graduates, as well as from your own experience was beneficial. I found that I wasn't overwhelmed with too much information which is usually the case for me when going on two day conferences and seminars either work or personal related. As well, allowing us to voice our questions, thoughts, and ideas, and allotting some time to address them was value added. Overall, the course was greatly enjoyed and instilled a sense of hope and self confidence in my ability to change and affect not just myself but also those around me."

~ ~ M.A from Toronto

Better Life

"I'm Maria Paula Gutierrez Fernandez, I`m from Colombia, Latin America so my native language is Spanish, I had the pleasure to travel to Bogota, (it is the only city where you can take the Silva method course in Colombia) on June 2009 and took it, I just can tell you that my life has changed completely for good things, my self confident has grown so huge, that is very important to me as a person and as a future professional, in this moment I am studying bussiness administration an the silva method has helped me to be stronger.

Otherwise, after the course, I love being in my "relax place" there is where I practice all the techniques I learned and programming myself to achieves good and excellent things to me and I know that my dreams are going to come true, it just depend of me.

Today I am a complete HaPpY PeRsOn.... thanks for everything, Silva Method is one of the best things that could have happend in my life.

Don`t worry, I know that the Silva Intuition Program is in english but that is NOT a ploblem in my case because i understand english very well, that is not a pain in the neck for me ....lol...."

~ Maria Paula Gutierrez - Colombia


"I think I had a number of goals for wanting to use Silva Life System. One was to reduce anxiety, particularly social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders. Another focus was to be able to better handle emotions, particularly anger. SUMS has helped immensely. In addition, self-esteem issues were HUGE for me. With ADHD it has been hard in many areas in my life, but with the help of SUMS and practicing mindfulness when using SUMS, I have better concentration, better confidence, and relationships are going better in addition to tackling things I thought I'd never be able to do - like be in a doctoral program at a highly competitive university, go door to door and talk and convince, persuade people that we need marriage equality for all people, full and equal civil rights for all people in a very conservative area of Southern California.

I'm much more confident, happy, and feel a renewed sense of "I can make a difference for other people, to help all of us live better and happier lives."

Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this system has helped me more than I can express.

I think that all psychologists working with the adult ADHD population need to know about this method. It's fantastic, it is.

Works well for anyone with self-esteem issues I think.

Thank you for the fantastic product."

~ Marilyn Van Dyke from Cerritos / Lakewood, California

Silva Unlocked My Confidence To A New Level

"I am truly blessed to have this program come into my life. My goal for using the Silva Ultra Mind System was to improve every area of my life, I had long known about the powers of the subconscious mind but wasn't sure how to go about using it to my advantage.

Since using the Silva Ultra Mind System my life has improved tremendously, I am more confident, more intuitive, and mentally sharper than I was, and my stress level is way down. It seems that every day in every way I am getting better, and better, and better.

I strongly recommend the Silva Ultra Mind System for everyone. This system came into the world because man has come to this point in his existence and that is Mind Elevation.The destiny of man lye in the stars and the only way to get there is together using the vast resources of our minds.Look no further! this is it! What you have been hoping for, wishing for, and needing to realize your dreams is right in your face.

I love the Silva Ultra Mind System I use it every day, it is very easy to use.The bonuses I got for signing up I didn't get to use. I was so caught-up with the ultra mind system that I forgot about my bonuses,so when I went to download them they were inactive."

~ Michael Waller from Syracuse New York

Improved Health, Energy and Conquered Worry

"I found the tapes informative and helpful. I used the short relax tape the most. I have noticed in a very short period of time improvement in my health and my energy level increased. I also experienced more joy in my life, more self control, and the feeling of being self empowered was great! I always have struggled with the lack of self empowerment. This made the negative influences from others ineffective for the most part. When I began to feel drained, I would go back into my exercises. It conquered fear and worry for me."

~ Debbie G, Vallejo from CA

I Am Living Proof

"I can't thank you enough for sharing your father's lessons with me in the Silva Life System. It has truly changed my life. I am living proof that this new found confidence and focus I have found through these lessons has helped me achieve my dreams, and it's helped bring forth my true talents. I just recently started my own business designing and selling hats. I had always wanted to be a fashion designer, and you've brought out what was long hidden deep within me.
Thank you so much for helping me find the confidence I needed and the ability to stay focused on my business!
Sincerely & with much gratitude,

~ Kelly

Self help
Self help

"My goal is to improve all aspects of my life and to share what I have learned with others.

I am still very new at this! (My husband is also working the the Silva Method and doing very well)! When I make time to [practice] I feel so different throughout my day. I have a knowing that I can accomplish all my goals easily, effortlessly and I have more than enough time and money to accomplish each and every goal.

Yes I would, and I have! With all the changes the earth is going through right now, the Silva Method is a very effective tool which takes our attention off of what "appears to be" and puts it on what "we expect it to be".

So far, I love it all! What has made the difference for me and my husband above all other "self help" products is the genuine caring contact. The e-mails have been so encouraging and the special bonuses are wonderful. We feel that the Silva family deeply and genuinely care about every living being (no matter what the species).

Our hearts and blessings will remain with the Silva family of teachers, mentors, guides, living examples and etc. You are making a difference!"

~ Gaia Edmiston - Oklahoma, US from Chickasha, Oklahoma

My Self Esteem Has Improved
My Self Esteem Has Improved

"When I was discharged from the military in 1973 I took the Silva course. Over the years most of the information faded away. I was surprised to see the re-issue and decided to give it try due to a near death experience that I experienced after surgery last November.

My goal was integrate this traumatic experience and decided to use Silva as my method. Since I began the re-issued course my esteem has improved and my depression has begun to lift. While the future remains uncertain I am able to manage my fears on a daily basis.

I would recommend this program but I would need to know their level of commitment. I am a therapist and would hope that they made the choice on their own not due to my influence."

~ Michael Maloney from Dallas, TX

Overcoming Difficult Times In Life

"The Silva Method had helped me get through one of my most difficult time in my life. I lost 2 closest family members in the past 6 months, then my mother got a stroke and I got a car accident. For a while I thought it must be the cause and effect and I tried to punish myself subconsciously which destroy my health completely. Then I found the Silva Method and I listened to it every night and practice it whenever I can.

The very first miracle was that I successfully stop taking sleeping pills which I was struggling with for very a long time. The next mircle was that I found myself taking control of my life again, even though I do still feel mellow sometimes, I can quickly notice the negative emotion and change it immediately and started to feel OK. Now, when I meditate I can easily feel the inner joy and peace and life is getting much better and I feel I can overcome any challenges in life. Thank you "Silva Method" for turning my life around.

I would definitely recommend Silva Ultra Mind System to my relatives and close friends. I tried to use some of the techniques on a couple inmates in my mother's hospital and it seemed really work."

~ Cindy Stifanic from Calgary, AB Canada

Empowering to goal's achievement!

"Dear Respectable and beloved Madam Laura Silva,
I am wishing all the best to you and your best team also. I hope that you could have been received my two separate comments of yesterday also.
My purpose of using Silva life system is to achieve more and more abundance in each and every aspect of my life and to serve the humanity un-conditionally beyond all kinds of barriers, by helping them to achieve the same positions, which I have achieved.
Already, I used to do meditations and nurturing the same goal also in my conscious awareness only. After I receiving the "Silva life system", about for the past two weeks, now I am practicing the Centering exercise and Alpha level exercises(two exercises), two times mostly everyday. After I began to practice these exercises, now I am able to feel my relaxations both physically and mentally and my confidence level also improved to attain my goal. But I am in lack of my visualization in my present days, as I have informed to you by mail already. Now about few days before only I have received the sources of some mind movie pictures like Alex from you, which now I strongly believe and I have the strong confidence that I will be able to improve my imagination by the help of the mind movie models. Definitely I will achieve all my goals shortly by your blessings and the grace of Supreme Reality. Then, I will send you my video with very best introduction with strong recommendation and excellent appreciation after I achieving a good result which would be very reasonable certainly without any missing, which I hope that you too will accept and appreciate my present idea.
Thanking you with my full heart with every cell of my body, mind and soul, requesting and expecting and awaiting for your continued guidance, co-operation and blessings.

Of course, definitely I am going to introduce the silvalifesystem to many more people, as I can. Because I have the very strong confidence as this silvalifesystem will definitely change the life of humanity to higher levels and perform miracles."

~ Sheikh Alaudeen from France