Testimonials on Spiritual Growth

"Tour-de-Force" of Spiritual Growth

"Your seminar was a tour-de-force. I procrastinated taking a Silva Seminar for 10 years! Better late than never and "There's a time for everything." You are a mental wizard and you know your stuff! I have heard some sophisticated metaphysicians downplay the Silva method as a collection of older mystical techniques but who wants a car, or can afford a car, in which EVERY PART is manufactured by one person?! The universal appeal of Silva is the brilliant and exact craftmanship of Mr. Jose Silva's coordination and innovation. I feel like I gained a graduate degree in success, psychic development and personal power in two relaxing, demanding and social days. Your orchestration was like a classical symphony. I "saw" a Oxford Health Plan card in a person's pocket book and "pefectly described" her non-attendant boyfriend with one day of your instruction. By the second day you had me "seeing" and healing people hundreds of miles away.

Books are great and I got good results from the Ultramind book which led to my purchasing the home correspondence course. It was phenomenal and revolutionized my life which led me to you 7 weeks later. Reading books and listening to tapes about Paris is not like going there with a man who Knows Paris! And now I have all 3! I just worked a case on the child of a friend and while I still respect prayer I Know that I have done something much more powerful. I Know that Silva holds the keys to achieving every one of my goals with Maximum speed and Minimum effort. I'm eternally grateful to you. God Bless!"

~ L. Hanes, from New York

The Core of the Entire Silva System

"I wanna thank you very much for the wonderful UltraMind workshop. It is a great experience. I've taken the Basic Lecture Series before UltraMind. From my perspective, the BLS is an introduction and the UltraMind is the Core of the entire Silva System."

~ Mark

Crystal Clear Map to Accessing Higher Intelligence

"Ultramind not only has very descriptive and easy-to-follow step-by-step exercises, but thoroughly explains the purpose of these steps. Results are immediately noticeable, and, upon completion of the exercises, ultimately rewarding.

Anyone who follows the steps of this book will be fully rewarded with everything the book claims.

The Silva Method (used in the book) is not mixed-and-matched ancient practices of various cultures like is found in so many occult and new age books that are most often a let down. The Silva Method is based on large amounts of scientific research, and decades of practical application. Ultramind ESP is truly the apex of the evolution of the Silva Method.

Ultramind speaks a bit more liberally than the Silva Method due mostly to it being published several years later when parapsychology became a bit more accepted.

Anyone - skeptic, natural born psychic, struggling psychic, entrepreneur, person looking for healing or answers, or plain ol joe who wants to go further with personal development- will experience never-thought-before-possible benefits; and no regrets."

~ Name Withheld from California

'Real' Remote Viewing

"For years, I studied Tarot, astrology, feng shui, you name it. What I realized immediately is that The Jose Silva UltraMind System is so superior to them. It is the 'real' remote viewing. All the rest is crude in comparison."

~ Elena Wagner from Los Angeles, CA

Sports Therapist's Testimonial
Sports Therapist's Testimonial

"First of all many thanks for this great program! I really enjoy listening to Burt and doing the exercises. I bought the collection not so long ago, and I now I look clearer at life, in a more awakened way.

However, I want to share with you my "Silva Mind-Story":

Some months ago I saw a book about the Silva Method in a bookstore and bought it. I became interested in "the Silva-Stuff" and decided to take part in a weekend-course. It was quite a nice experience, but afterwards I searched in the Internet and became aware of the ESP Ultramind System.

In one of their newsletters I read about Burt and his work. Straight after that, I had a look at his webpage and couldn't wait to order his lessons... only then I recognized, that he is also the author of a book about the Silva Method (The Practice Book) which I ordered some weeks before. So now, I am glad to be able to listen to Burt and also deepen my understanding of his teachings by reading in his book (in

Coincidences? No, just cause and effect - but somehow also the influence of a higher force for sure!"

~ Benjamin Rueffin from Bochum, Germany

A window to myself

"My goal for using Silva life system was meditation and calming my mind. Since using Silva Life System I am more calm, peaceful and serene, more confident and my self esteem is higher. It's not just a method it is the whole philosophy of living. I am just on the first step - introspection. I think that I have to practice more and in time there will be more progress for me regarding to manifestation. It's a pity that there isn't anything on our language on CD's because I know many people who can benefit from Silvalife system and they don't speak English.
With the Silvalife system one window has opened for me - window to myself. Thank you!

I would recommend silvalife system to anyone. There are many different positive things about it and there are so many people who are lost and empty, sad and depressed, ill and addict because they didn't find themselves, they didn't find their purpose of life. They have fears and anger they don't grow as a person, they look at one another instead of inside of themselves.

I think that Silva Method products help people who want to grow. People learn to be more spiritual more themselves, more people. They learn to respect everyone and the mother Earth. If there are enough such people some change in this cold, material, aggressive world could be done."

~ Vesna, Croatia from croatia

Silva Method Improved my Life

"At first I tried the free Centering audio and immediately had a wonderful response to the affirmations.

I was very ready for the Silva method. My heart was leading in this direction. As soon as I tried the Centering meditation, I knew this was for me. I bought the download version for $97.

I'm going to do the lessons and the meditations in the 12 CD's over and over. I got immediate results, but even if I didn't I still would go over the material over and over. That’s the only way to get it down inside of me.

We always learn more when we read something twice. Repetition is key to understanding, because we miss things the first time through.

What we choose for ourselves, to read, to listen to, to watch , and to do shows what our passion is for. If a persons’ passion is for spiritual development, then this is what they will spend their time doing. Want to know what you love? See what it is that you do, when you have a choice.

I would recommend that people FOLLOW The DIRECTIONS very carefully. This is indeed a system. I caught myself not doing the countdown exercises at first. I do them now. If you want maximum results then follow the directions WORD for WORD.

I would recommend the Silva method because IT WORKS.
I believe it will work for everybody.

Want to improve your life, and are willing to make the changes that are needed?

If so, then you're READY.

The Silva Method has brought together ideas that I've seen separately.
This is a COMPLETE method.

These separate ideas have been brought together and combined in a system for living life to our fullest potential. I highly recommend this system."

~ Robb Cravens, Lexinton from Lexington, Ky.

Powerful to find your truthful purpose

"I was searching for meaning and the means to identify my true purpose in life. One may posses all the talent and knowledge in the world but without the purpose it is all meaningless. I bought numerous self development programs, walked on fire and closed my eyes ten thousand times but could not find the drive to propel me forward. I clicked on the site many times and wondered if I was going to be disappointed yet again.
But I was not. The very first CD I listened to convinced me that this was not just a program but a new way to look at life - a deeper way. This program was the first step on the path to finding real purpose and discovering so much more in myself. I love my counselors and can hardly wait to meet and discuss problems and share insights. This technique alone is worth the price of the course a hundred times and more. Powerful...

I would definitely but only if I am certain that the individual is seeking something deeper. I believe that you find the way only when you are ready - your search for truth is personal.

I have used both the Silva Life system and the Intuition program.
My advice to other students would be to listen carefully to the CDs and the exercises a first time and then program on the second listen. The information is powerful and the techniques too invaluable to attempt to be thinking about what you really want while trying simultaneously to follow Laura's instructions.
I write everything down clearly so the information is immediately accessible when I am finally ready to program the exercises.
I would tell students that there may not be significant changes initially but you feel that something is shifting in your attitude and mind set - better and better suggests constant growth and consistency is the key.
The program works but you have to be clear in your own mind what you truly want and it offers the means to take you there. If you are a person searching for your true self... take this course."

~ Jacqueline - New Jersey, US from Summit, New Jersey

"Very Applicable for this 21st Century"
"Very Applicable for this 21st Century"

"I am quite impressed and inspired by your program as I find it quite spiritual, but pragmatic with a down to earth approach that gives the 'student' ownership of a 'technique' that connects across many realms of knowledge and experience. I think it is very applicable for this 21st Century. The reason I logged on to your web site was to find out more about brain waves and their influence on our lives. It was most rewarding to receive a free program that actually taps into 'the best state to be in' for all the right reasons. I am enjoying the process."

~ D Bhagwandas from Australia

Worth the Trip to New York

"I took the seminar in February and cannot come to this one, although it would definitely be worth another trip to NY. I have continued to experience the effects throughout the three months since then. And I'd like to offer one last thought. When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Thank you. It was the beginning of a lifetime of change. Feel free to use my comments in your promotions."

~ R.A

Enhance your life

"Yes I have achieved all the goals I set for myself. I was not looking to become extremely wealthy as most people who are dissatisfied would their lot in life.
I was just seeking to find myself after being lost, when I followed all kinds of false authorities who promised the land of "Milk and honey". Joy and feeling good about one's self is success worth it's weight in "GOLD" That is what is at the end of the rainbow.

Yes financially I have earned enough money to last me my life time. My relationship are wonderful. They change all the time some times up and sometimes down. One has to know that not everything or everyone is going to agree with one's point of view all the time. Compromise is sometimes the best course instead of anger,

Losing everything is not as important as losing one's joy, love and all of the good things in life. Yes i am happy with my life and I will go to my next life grateful that I have passed this way and Silva contributed to that.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone. I would assure them that it will enhance their life in five areas, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially and of course financally.
It is not easy to look oneself in the mirror when one is disappointed in some areas of ones life, otherwise one would not be seeking to change.
If the seeker devotes time to find the answers he/she will find them.

Silva is a way to find what one has lost. The seeker must find it for himself. Silva just opens the door.

They are all great. It is in the use of them that rewards the seeker. unused they just gather dust on the shelf."

~ Lauro J. Crespin from Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO

I Have More Control Of My Thoughts
I Have More Control Of My Thoughts

"My goal was to gain a better understanding of my mind and gain more control over my thought process through meditation. This system has definitely given me that. Now it has gone further, and continues to do so, as I find more and more goals that I wish to accomplish. My only issue lies in my own discipline but, I am aware of this problem and am working it out.

Thank you so much for doing what you do for the betterment of humanity!

I am so grateful for how the Silva Life System has enabled my spiritual growth and greater awareness of my own existence.

I would recommend, and have recommended, Silva System to others.

These products, in my opinion, are the best resources available to the human race because they create a foundation for greater understanding of all we are, which in turn, creates a greater potential for what we can accomplish."

~ Christopher Lord from Kernersville North Carolina