Testimonials on Better World

Great Course. Loved It.

"Great course I loved it. I found the course enlightening and felt personally moved by the course. If more people thought the way Jose Silva thought this would be a better world for all of us. I want to personally thank you for putting together such a wonderful course. I was so moved and touched by the course, I thought after I become proficient using these techniques maybe I could become a trainer for Silva."

~ Greg Netherton from Blue Springs, MO

It's amazing. It's given my personal and spiritual growth a boost.

"So much has changed in my life these past 5 years. I was laid off 5 years ago, not working, but enjoying my life for a while. The pressures of looking or finding something new for myself has been a strange road. I didn't care to go back to that life. I do not like relying on a company for my future. So, I've started to look at new avenues for my future. But, looking at unknowns, I have been scared.

The Silva Method has been helping me discover what is limiting my changes for improving my future. I have more grand ideas and goals for myself now. I am still working hard with the Silva Method's guidance to rebuild myself. Discovering all the things in my past that have stopped my happiness all my life. Now I am not so afraid of my future, and look forward to the new challenges and rewards that I will share, of course. I have always cared more for others than for myself. That does not mean I do not take care of myself. I do, wholeheartedly. I knew when I was in high school, as long as I am strong and healthy, I can help others.

I am working on my spiritual side since I have discovered that my greatest inner strength resides there. I know I still have a ways to go, but I am not so scared about the changes that are happening in my life now. I look forward to them. I am getting stronger and stronger each day, thanks to The Silva Method. This is the original method, as now other programs are using similar techniques to augment their training/learning systems. I am so grateful, everyday, for the opportunity and wisedom to have purchased The Silva Method."

~ Eunice Murahashi

What I Needed

"Exactly what I hoped for and what I needed."

~ ED