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We Owe It To Ourselves To Make Our Lives Better
We Owe It To Ourselves To Make Our Lives Better

"The Silva Method has by far been one of the most influential personal development programs I have done. It's amazing how much you can do with your mind if you know what to do. I strongly recommend everyone apply this method. It absolutely works. We all owe it to ourselves to make our lives better and better."

~ Rola Diab from Chicago, IL

I Rely On It Like My Toothbrush

"I am a realtor and the Real Estate Market was just awful.....and I had this REO that was completely trashed and absolutely destroyed. The home had a really bad feeling when you entered it. It was absolutely creepy.

I had gotten a couple of showings, but NO OFFERS for over three months! The REO company was considering taking the listing away from me, because I had failed to generate any activity on this property.

That night, I went to level....and I programmed myself to wake up at the time when I could reach the most people who would be interested in the home.

I had prepared an advertisement of sorts that described many great features and benefits that the home could be used for, and what a great investment it would be for someone, and how this home just needed some loving... along with the address of the home....I also did a visualization of the inside of the home and the grounds. I had more offers on that home before the end of that weekend! I was so pleased!

I depend on the Silva course to keep my life working in an easy manner. I don't know how I would get along without it now. Just writing this has really made me realize how much I depend on it.....I only know this....I could never place a value on it, as I rely on it as much as I rely on my toothbrush!"

~ Donna Wright

"The cutting edge"

"There is no doubt in my mind now that this is the cutting edge ... I have experienced success expecially in sales from using the Mental Video technique. I stand on my two legs to recommend the seminar and the home study program to anyone I come across. ...I gained alot by attending the seminar in Toronto. When you travel from point A to point B and back to point A , you naturally have a story to tell to those that stayed at point A. I will tell it to all I come across."

~ Bob Duka from Toronto, Canada

ESP for executives
ESP for executives

"John Mihalaksy, director of the PSI Commications at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, researched the phenomenon of precognition and the the nature of precognitive decision-maker. He conducted 10 years of scientific research with thousands of business executives and found that those who are the most successful have the best precognitive abilities. Experiments shows that the creative idea does not happen by accident... Precognition is one way that information not available to those other thinkers working with the normal channels and sources of information comes to creative people. Precognition is an unconscious process that involves the transfer of information. It is also associated with the flow of information about matters with which the information recipient is emotionally and intensely associated. The information may take the form of a dream, a flash of thought, a hunch, or a feeling."

~ John Mihalaksy director of the PSI Communications at the New Jersey Institute of Technology from New Jersey