Testimonials on Self Healing

I overcame my Panic Attacks

"I had been suffering from Panic Attacks for almost four years due to a horrible condition of the skin on my face. People would and (still)constantly stare, so much so, that I was afraid to leave the house. I went to a Silva Ultramind Seminar in London which taught me all the tools and techniques to help me overcome my anxiety. It has taken a lot of self discipline and commitment with the programme and as a result I am now finally doing what I have been trying to do for years. I am training to be a Teacher.

I can travel anywhere on the bus or tube and not feel scared or anxious. Even when i know people are staring, it just doesn't bother me anymore, that's how stronger the Silva Ultramind system has made me. Infact, a couple of weeks ago I went to the alpha level and imagined my head teacher telling me that I was outstanding in a Phonics lesson in which she was going to observe me. This Monday she observed me and only today she actually said I was 'outstanding'. Thank you so much, I owe you too much as you have helped me turn my life around. The next step for me is the Silva Ultramind Peaks.

I have realised that until you don't practise and actually believe in the system you won't see the benefits any sooner. Sometimes you have to be very patient and persistent to see the results you want. But it is worth it.

I love the Three Scenes Technique and use it all the time. I am also using Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping technique and it really is amazing. It is actually alot of fun. improve my intuition."

~ Fozia Noreen Iqbal from London

Personal growth

"Some goals I had when starting the Silva course were; to accelerate my personal growth, to help my recovery from a lengthy period of substance addiction, and to improve my general well-being and inner resources. I have been using it for about two months now, and the results are very good so far. I often get the sense that there is a very real and infinite potential available to us when I am practicing the techniques, and that my life will be unrecognizable in a few years. I am using it to cultivate a new attitude of unconditional love and support for myself, to replace the old attitude of harsh criticism, and I am glad to say this is working. I am also programming myself to be of help to others, as this is where true happiness and freedom lies. I am eager to see where this process will lead, and am grateful for the help.

I would recommend it to anyone wishing to access deeper and more resourceful levels of consciousness, and anybody who thinks they could use a helping hand with their life's issues. It seems to me to help any and all situations it is applied to.

The Silva products that I have used seem to me to be very creative and simple approaches to raising consciousness. I like using the glass of water and three fingers technique, and I notice that they always give results."

~ Gearóid, Ireland from Ireland

Stop bad habits

"My main goal was to get pregnant. Still it didn't work out. I should tell that since I was very busy lately, I didn't listen to all the CDs (still listening to the 4th one). I'm also trying to get rid of my epilepsie that accompanied me since I was sixteen (now I'm 46 old). I'm feeling fine! I have a checking with my doctor next week.

Also my behavior improved (could control more my emotions since I'm the spontaneous kind of person) and could get rid (85%) of a very bad habit (pressing my teeth against each other) wich caused me major dental problems all through my life.

I'm always recommending the Silva Life System because it is very logical, very simple and easy to practise the Silva Method. It's only a matter of belief and persistence in chasing one's goal.

I think a good and hidden force attracts me intentionally to your website because so far Silva Life System is improving my life. I also believe that my goals, especially the dearest one ,will be granted to me by using my mind with the help of the Silva Method."

~ Hala Safieddine from Lebanon