Testimonials on Business Success

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"Linda Arnold, the founder, chairman and CEO of The Arnold Agency shared "The Silva techniques have become part of the daily routine at the Arnold Agency. They help in every aspect of Agency work: The creative work that we do, business management, client relationships, and they help us stay healthy in this stressful business."

~ Linda Arnold, the founder, chairman and CEO of The Arnold Agency

Silva Helped us to make things happen in the company
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Seen Many Exciting Changes in My Life

"Thank you again for your excellent teaching at the seminar. I have been continuing my education and have seen many exciting changes in my life. It is a continuing life experience and my life is getting better and better. I was able to go through it and accept the pressures without becoming ‘stressed out’. I worked longer hours and still slept better than before."

~ R.A, Tax Consultant, from New York

Fantastic and would recommend to anyone

"I had some doubts about taking time away from my Tax work at this busy time but I am glad I did. The seminar was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. I was also impressed with your teaching about goal setting which was a "freebie" beyond the normal training. It has helped me a lot this week. I am excited by the possibilities of the Ultramind system and I know that my life will be forever changed by attending the seminar."

~ Ron A, Tax Consultant

Never felt More Relaxed in my Whole Life

"I have never felled more relaxed and at peace in my whole live, the centering and meditation exercises are remarkable. You feel alive and fully charged after just 10 minutes. I came in as a skeptic having read about the extra sensory perception and remote viewing. When I succeeded with my first case by the end of the two day seminar I was blown away. An incredible journey into the inner workings of the mind. While I don't fully comprehend how it works, I now know for myself that it does work. The stress relief is amazing."

~ Michael R, Manager of Corporate Strategy, Ebay from San Jose CA

Information on the Tapes Has Been Excellent

"The information on the tapes has
really been excellent, in fact it has been amazing. Have been having excellent automatic writing sessions, receiving business guidance. In fact, business was in serious financial difficulities before the tapes--and with the intuitive input, can now see a way to work our way out of the situation."

~ Larry from Williamsport, PA

Silva for business

""Jose Silva gave us the key. He told us, 'You work so hard to do all the things that you do. Why don't you use more form your neck up instead of down?' The results? We have completely circled the world three different times in three different routes. Our trips always pay for themselves and more, because of the way we program it.""

~ Ken and Elone Hoobler, owners of artificial stone business from San Antonio, Texas

Silva for business

""There is no way to estimate the value of the Silva Method principles in the conduct of a business. The use of this meditation/visualization skill through the years has been a priceless asset for growth and a vital factor in the success of our business. We have found the Silva Method of Mind Development to be the most grounded, practical, accessible, and easy method of all the self-improvement programs we have attended.""

~ John and Rita Donohue, owners of Magic Wind from San Diego, California

Programed for success

""We find that we always get what we program for. Sometimes it takes longer than other times, but we always get it.""

~ Antonio Estrada and Joan McGillicuddy, Psychotherapists from Casa Grande, Arizona

I Rely On It Like My Toothbrush

"I am a realtor and the Real Estate Market was just awful.....and I had this REO that was completely trashed and absolutely destroyed. The home had a really bad feeling when you entered it. It was absolutely creepy.

I had gotten a couple of showings, but NO OFFERS for over three months! The REO company was considering taking the listing away from me, because I had failed to generate any activity on this property.

That night, I went to level....and I programmed myself to wake up at the time when I could reach the most people who would be interested in the home.

I had prepared an advertisement of sorts that described many great features and benefits that the home could be used for, and what a great investment it would be for someone, and how this home just needed some loving... along with the address of the home....I also did a visualization of the inside of the home and the grounds. I had more offers on that home before the end of that weekend! I was so pleased!

I depend on the Silva course to keep my life working in an easy manner. I don't know how I would get along without it now. Just writing this has really made me realize how much I depend on it.....I only know this....I could never place a value on it, as I rely on it as much as I rely on my toothbrush!"

~ Donna Wright

Silva Method helped me become successful and teach others to do the same
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"To watch this testimonial please click in the following link:

~ International Trainer Cheryl Bishop, South Africa

It's the best discovery that ever happened to me

"My relationship with my wife has gotten stronger and we are now happier than ever, also we are now financially better off than before. I have always wanted to be a trader and now for the passed two years I am getting better and better, thanks God for the power of Intuition by Jose Silva.

I have already recommended the silva method to few friends and my brother and I hope and believe that one day my wife will join me in the exercise.

The best discovery of my life and I tell you what, about 20 years ago I use to see myself in a place doing something and living the kind of life I dream about unconsciously and that dream did came to passed, since then I have being searching for something has this and I now know that it was my intuition that lead me to this Silva Method system and its the best discovery that ever happened to me, I'm so happy that I could help other people around the world, I really want to thank you all for bring out this wonderful information to the world to make it a better place and most of all I want to thank God for Dr Jose Silva and his family for bring such blessing to the world."

~ Jonah Dickson from United Kingdom

Programed for success

""I programmed to overcome the fear of what people think of what I say and do. I programmed myself to say the right thing, and to do the right thing. Two days later, a lady told me, 'You're very powerful.' This showed me that the programming worked.""

~ Joan McGillicuddy, Psychotherapist and Silva Method instructor from Casa Grande, Arizona