Testimonials on Spiritual Guidance

Inmense gratitude

"First time I heard the centering exercise (a friend shared the cd with me) I "saw" with my eyes closed somebody "wiping off" the "windows" of my eyes. I commented this in the Silva Site because at first it scared me. I stopped the Cd and just went on doing other things. Next day I had a curiosity about what had happened so I went again to start doing the exercise. Suddenly and in a few seconds I had a vision of a bright blue caterpillar in a green leaf. Ive been very skeptical all my life. This was too much for me. I put it down again and commented to a friend who told me I`ve had a vision of a spiritual transformation that was gonna take place inside of me.
I have read several books and became familiarized with Silva´s techniques and now I live a fearless and fulfilling life.
I went a week ago on vacations to a friend´s beach house in the Caribbean. After meditating at dawn when the beach was completely empty, I felt my heart full of gratitude. As I walked in the sand I saw a perfectly heart-shaped coral. I smiled and picked it up, feeling it was a little gift of love from the Universe, letting me know I am cared for. Through that week I found 2 more heart-shaped corals!!! I have 4 kids, and I wanted to have one more heart to give to my kids when they grow up. Yesterday morning, back at home from the trip, I went to my early morning daily walk to the forest in order to meditate. When I was coming back, I found a heart shaped stone this time!!! It made my heart rejoice and be full of gratitude. It just confirms to me that we are deeply cared for! It all started for me with that Centering Exercise, a year and a half ago..."

~ Claudia

Life transforming

"I want you to know that your ability to teach and guide me has been life changing. I received information about your father’s work through your brother, Jose, sometime last year via an email. I down loaded the free lessons and listened to them earlier this year. I was drawn to your father’s life work even though I didn’t embrace it at that time. Several months ago I received information about you and your work from one of my favorite human beings, Arjuna Ardagh. I immediately knew after reading your name that you were Jose’s daughter. In that moment my sense told me that you would be one of my teachers. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to begin working with you using the Silva Method, Gold Standard Course. One of my goals is to master all of your programs by the end of 2011.

I find it interesting that many authors that studied with your father haven’t given him credit for teaching them the Silva Method. I now understand the magnitude of his contribution to the rapid evolution in human consciousness in my life time. I am also proud that your father was a self taught Mexican from Texas, no doubt a genius.

My ability to know has increased ten fold ever since I began studying and using the Silva Method on a daily basis. Also, the quality of my meditations, have significantly improved. I wanted to contribute to world peace and began to meditate last year with a world wide group that meditates together at a specific time each new and full moon. I did feel a shift in myself during the solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. I was a participant in the mass meditation during that special day. On the 28th of July we had another mass special meditation. The instructions were simple. Hold the vision of a world fed a world of abundance for all, a world of joyful experiences.

To my great surprise I knew to play rain forest sounds in the background which would represent all aspects of the natural world as I began to imagine the world as it is per the instructions. My life, my business, my family, friends, community, city, county, state, country, continents, and world were extremely clear with vivid detail. I was there, I was everywhere. People were joyful. People were themselves fully realized in their human experience. No suffering. People would brake out into a skip along the sidewalk. People were humming, whistling, some were singing. My vision and imagination was clear about spirituality, culture, quality of life, relationships, nutrition, healthcare, longevity, education, employment, self employment, transportation, government, etc. I can’t think of any aspect of life that my travel into the future that became present didn’t cover. It was in living color, smell, touch, etc. I used all of my abilities during this mediation. It was effortless. I shared my experience with my business partner and my soul sister and we both agreed that magic has been happening to us since we began using the Silva Method.

Someday I would love to visit with you. Please let me know if I can assist you. I believe every person on this earth can shift and change their lives if they knew what your father discovered and developed many years ago. I feel deep gratitude for you offering your knowledge and support. The timing of the Silva Method coming into my life at these critical cross roads in my personal and life journey is more valuable than I know how to express."

~ Laura Rivero-Fisher

Evolving day after day with Silva Method
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~ Rotime (Southern California)

Perfect Manual for Life

"The Bible and the Silva Ultramind ESP system make a perfect manual for life. The fact that I have the programming for the meditation techniques is most helpful, I now have a guide at my finger tips!"

~ Smith from PA

Quick Inspiration & Spiritual Guidance

"I used the 3-Scenes Technique a couple of days ago and the next day I received an unexpected "aha!" type of solution to the project that I never would have thought of. I asked myself , Was it a true coincidence, or was I just being more alert for possible solutions? Maybe they are one and the same. It helped me find an alternate solution to some minor elective surgery that I am considering. I asked my doctor about the alternative, he seemed intrigued and interested and told me to give it a try, so I am."

~ Dolores

"Excellent Course"
"Excellent Course"

"I enjoyed your free introductory course. Being a senior I need the extra strength to cope with sick husband. There were times that I felt my whole world was collapsing and your centering exercise help me deal with my problem. Thank you for your excellent course. As soon as my personal situation settles down, plan to enroll in your advanced course."

~ Gwen M. Blanchette from British Columbia