Testimonials on Increased Intuition

Best-Selling Author Shakti Gawain on the Silva Method
Best-Selling Author Shakti Gawain on the Silva Method

"One of the earliest workshops I took was the Silva Mind Control Course... The most important technique I learned in that course was the basic technique of creative visualization... Our rational mind is like a computer... The intuitive mind, on the other hand, seems to give access to an infinite supply of information. It appears to be able to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom..."

~ Shakti Gawain, author of numerous books, including "Creative Visualization" (Bantam Books, 1983)

"Would Recommend This to Everyone"

"The main benefit I gained from this seminar was my ability to become more in tune with myself. I trust my intuition more and I am letting go of fear and worry that comes with distrust. The input that came in between the centering practices was phenomenal, it really helped me look at life and myself in a different way. I can honestly say that this was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Unlike most seminars this seminar was fun, my mind didn't wonder like it normally would because the instructor was able to keep the attention of the whole room with her jokes and enthusiasm. Jennifer [, the Silva instructor] helped me look at life and myself in a completely new way. I would recommend this to everyone, it truly is life changing. Thanks for everything."

~ Elina from FL

"#1 seminar in my opinion"

"I found the Silva Ultramind Seminar most enlightening. To be able to tap into my intuition in just a couple of hours after starting the seminar was an encouraging and delightful experience.I am grateful for the "tool" I've been given that enables me relax & visualize quickly & effectively...I would recommend the seminar to others...I felt the seminar as a whole was perfect. I suggest you make no changes whatsoever to your format. Of the 3 seminars I have been to , your solo endeavor was the most professional...I believe that rates your seminar as # 1 in my opinion.Many Thanks."

~ Rachel K. from St. Marys, Georgia

Information on the Tapes Has Been Excellent

"The information on the tapes has
really been excellent, in fact it has been amazing. Have been having excellent automatic writing sessions, receiving business guidance. In fact, business was in serious financial difficulities before the tapes--and with the intuitive input, can now see a way to work our way out of the situation."

~ Larry from Williamsport, PA

Only 10 days to see real changes in Life
Only 10 days to see real changes in Life

"My goal for embarking on the Silva life system was to heal a health challenge and to open up my intuitive channels more. I started listening to the cd's about two weeks ago and completed the last one today. I'm a very busy single parent with a busy professional life and thought it would take me a lot longer to do. I figured I'd only get to one cd a week, but once I started I found myself really eager to get back to them. I covered the 10 cd's in 14 days and at times I was listening to them at 10:00pm because that was the first opportunity during the day that I had to listen to them. I found the creation of my laboratory and my counselors so interesting. I've been using the bonus night and morning meditations daily and I love them. I love my laboratory and feel comforted by my counselors.

I feel I need to re-listen to the cd's again as there's so much to take in so I am going to re-listen again over the next 10 days. So far this has been an eye-opening journey. The major benefit I have gained so far is that I am sleeping very well at night (something I struggled with before) and I have woken at precisely the time I programmed my internal clock for the last 8 days. That was pretty exciting for me. I can't wait to see what else I can create.

I find the practical techniques very useful. I've listened to, read about and seen many self-help material, but most of the time there were loads of concepts with little how-to. The Silva system has been fabulous in helping me use specific techniques to program my mind, body and spirit. I've found the three fingers technique really great and have been using it throughout my day, sometimes just to remind myself to access that deeper level and be still. Usually my performance at whatever task I'm engaged in is a lot easier and much better when I use this technique.

So far I think the Silva life system is powerful and very useful. At the moment I'm re-listening to the material and feel I need to apply it over a period to see it's long-term benefits. But I am really enjoying it and already noticing a heightened intuition, excellent sleep at night and I'm waking up before the alarm clock at my pre-programmed time."

~ Wendy Alexander from Australia

Positive changes in life

"I have been using the Silva method for over two years now, when I realized that something was wrong in my marriage I used the method twice to get answers, the first time I got my answers in two days, a little voice told me to look in my ex-wives car for my camera, I discovered some very interesting stuff that pointed that she was having an affair. I did not want to believe what I saw and believed her excuse. The second time I used the method was when I became desperate for answers. It was about 10 o’clock at night and I used the 3-2-1 method and asked for answers. This time it took only 5 minutes for the answer to come. The message was so clear that I almost sleep walked to her car and got all the evidence I needed (emails that was in her briefcase). I did confront her and also forgave her that same evening. The marriage was over but because I forgave her the Universe immediately started working on me and from an emotional side I manage to handle the situation very well. I am using this method now almost all the time especially if I need answers or direction in business and personal decisions. I used the method last night to get answers on some business decisions, and I know I will receive my answers in the next day or two. When I met my new and wonderful girlfriend a year ago, I used the method to give me answers if she was the right person for me, I received answers every time.
My live has changed so dramatically in the last two years, I have read more than 40 books on self help and spiritual growth, and yes I have watched the movie the secret many times as well. I have grown spiritually and I will never look back, I have also discovered that we do not have to work so hard to accomplish our dreams, the universe is here to assist us in every way. Just Ask and you will Receive. The Silva method, the law of attraction, Robin Sharma’s examples are just some of the methods that is now part of my life and I use it on a daily basis. A new world has opened for me and I am still discovering.
God Bless and thank you."

~ Coenie

Empowering Intuitive Sense

"My goal in using the intuition program was to spark my intuition which has become dull over the years. To reach within for answers portrays our God-like image and unites us to the Creator and separates us to a greater degree from animals. This program teaches you to respond from your intuitive sense and not react from your physical fleshly side. The revelation of points of reference hit me like a ton of bricks, in that, the points of reference become a compass, if you will, that will direct us through all phases of our life. When I perceived this I started using it immediately with good results so far. Making decisions is much easier and believe in myself has skyrocketed with my confidence level at a new high. Thanks for this great product and I hope it is embraced by schools, although that would not fit into the world rulers plans, so it must be brought to people on an individual basis.

Better and BETTER! Samuel


The intuition program is very enlightening and empowering."

~ Samuel - Texas, US from Texas

I got a quiet intuitive suggestion
I got a quiet intuitive suggestion

"I have always been interested in the power of our mind and our link with Divine Intelligence. I have attempted to buy the SUMS course many times but was successful only early this year (perhaps because I set as one my goals my intention to fully develop my intuition and alpha experiences this year) .

Well one of the first things I used the SUMS for was figuring out the next step in my training business: We had done all we could do and had met stagnated walls on all fronts with no business coming in. So i did the mental movie technique, and the 3 scenes techniques to ask what else we need to do. I remember getting a very clear answer, nothing, just wait and getting frustrated as money was getting real tight but i left it at that and went to sleep.
While i was driving to work the next morning, I got a quiet intuitive suggestion that started with 'while you're waiting for that angle, do this...' and i got a very detailed description of a new service process we should undertake.

As was advised on the tapes, as soon as I got to the office, i went to level to check the suggestion and i was filled with so much excitement and conviction that we started work immediately.

Well our date for execution is the 27th, I will let you know after then how well everything went. thanks for sharing this with the world. i have the highest respect for the courage and humanness of Jose Silva especially for persisting in his research when the world was still hostile to this.

I really believe that if everyone can learn these exercises, the world would heal itself and become the fabled paradise we all long for."

~ Iveren Ityoikaa from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

New Opportunities

"I first heard of the Silva program from a friend who had decided to try it and had some results. I have been interested in intuition and manifestation for a long time, but wasn't at a place where I felt confident or prepared to do something about it. Once Silva crossed my path, I decided to just do it, and even though I'm not even halfway through the program yet, I see a difference in many areas of my life. As a fairly emotional person, it is quickly becoming instrumental in the way that I process and deal with emotional situations, such as the one I'm in right now.

Much of my motivation in learning the Silva way of doing things is aiming to improve my cognitive learning and memory functions, as well as to develop my intuition as a card reader, and since these things are already improving noticeable I know I am on the right path.

Silva has already opened all sorts of other doors as well, as I continue to experiment with other and related systems, and I have started to keep a journal record it all in the form of a blog in order to help myself explore everything that's out there. So, not only has the Silva program begun to enhance my life, it's also gotten me writing again!
It's amazing how everything is coming together, uniting beliefs that I have had for over a decade with an every day way of living a healthy and more spiritual life."

~ Melissa

Intuition Method remains very important to me in any event

"I first took Silva training in the late 1960's in Houston. I learned the 3 finger method for determining what drivers around me would do. It has worked for me all of these years as well as providing other intuition. Wished to refresh and strengthen the intuition. Since retiring, I have become a trader and of course, wished to know if a particular trade I wished to enter would be successful."

~ Tom Kent from Houston