Testimonials on Meditation Techniques

I apply Silva techniques everyday for a better life
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~ John - New York, US

I am blessed that I found such a wonder!
I am blessed that I found such a wonder!

"I would and do recommend the SilvaLifeSystem to everyone. I can not believe what a change the simple exercises can make. There is not anyone that couldn't benefit from the information, gift of knowledge, that has been passed on through this system. There isn't anything in this life that could change my feelings about what amazing changes this system can teach people to do. It's worth every cent and every minute you invest.

I am blessed that I found such a wonder. the SilvaLifeSystem is a life saver. It should be taught in grammar school to all the children. I'm sure the world would be a better place for it.

It works. I'm proof."

~ Kristine Marchetti, Quebec - Canada from Quebec Canada

I have learned to appreciate what I have and enjoy the day as much as possible

"I found Silva Life System through an on-line class I was taking. I am always open to new things to control stress, as I am on disability for PTSD, and after running through the gammet of mental health counsellors, I still was left with dealing with my past without tools. So, I began to gather ways to deal with this - things therapists never even mentioned.
I have studied/taught the martial arts for 25 years, and so expanding the consciousness is nothing new for me. In fact, I quit studying the sword because it opened my mind up far more than I was comfortable with.

Once I began the Silva meditation, I begin to notice results immediately. At first it was hard getting through the 30-minute meditation, I would fall asleep, but as time went on, I was able to get through that. I felt so much better, I signed up for the first offer. These meditations are very helpful. I love the "Daisy Pond," but what has helped the most is the three finger's technique and "mirror of the mind."

I haven't slept much, and the lack of sleep and the immense stress has taken it's toll. There are also nights I keep myself awake because when I do sleep, all I have is nightmares. Being awake is sometimes better. I believe this is why I fell asleep during the meditation, because I was finally able to relax my mind enough to let everything go.

The 3-fingers technique is absolutely amazing. When I lose something, I put my fingers together, and instead of searching for hours on end, I find what I'm looking for in a matter of minutes. When I am stressed, I put my fingers together and imagine being calm, and I calm down.

With the mirror of the mind, I am able to take the stressors and make them disappear - some things have not come back to haunt me since doing this. Some things are not as easy to resolve, though, but I listen to the alpha sound several times a day because it calms my mind.

Now, by applying these methods, I know that whatever I desire will manifest itself. I must be very careful of what I ask for.

As soon as I found how beneficial this was for me, I told my daughter about it, and she has been using the Silva Method faithfully. She talks about the benefits, and I can clearly see an improvement in her attitude.

Now, I live each day as it comes. I have learned to appreciate what I have and not ask for more, and enjoy the day as much as possible, because I never know when that final trigger will send me over the edge.

I am happy that I have found a way to control my stress/triggers as much as is possible."

~ Carol Pickett from Thermopolis, Wyoming from Thermopolis, WY

Loves the Home Study Course

"Thanks Ed and Jose, I ordered the Silva UltraMind ESP System from Nightingale Conant and I love it. I had read about Silva Mind Control in the '70s and used the 20 degree eye angle to some good value even without a regular practice. I am so happy to have the course. I've listened to it all and done the exercises along the way. I'm into a regular practice and happy to be developing in such a fine tradition. It's fine with me to use my comments in the 'what users have to say' page. They won't be disappointed."

~ Kitty Kelly from Monument, Colorado

On the Silva Meditation Techniques...

"Got in one session what may take months learning to meditate."

~ John from MO

Benefiting the Whole Family

"We began listening to the UltraMind CDs last night, my husband, older son (Alex) and I, going as far as the first CD and the Silva Centering Exercise, guided by your voice. Once guided back to full beta awareness, Alex said he felt physically 'numb' while at level, but that the sensations were 'cool'. A pretty good endorsement from a 10-year-old. His list of things he wants to achieve at level is expanding already -- deepening school friendships, programming for his teachers to interact with the class more encouragingly (I loved that one!), etc. We'll be repeating the Centering Exercise nightly for a week or so and gradually add in the other techniques."

~ Catherine

Helps clear my mind

"I am very grateful for getting your program. I feel that it helps me to clear [my] mind and relax [the] body. Very very Grateful with your program."

~ Bindu Chitrakar from Nepal

"Best, Most Thorough Meditation Course"

"Hi my name is Lloyd Cargo and I have now received all 9 lessons. This the best most thorough meditation course that could be put together, and I for one would like to pursue it."

~ Lloyd Cargo from California

Living happy after Silva

"My Silva tranformation happened in 1972 and totally changed my life direction. I still use what I learned then and I continue to learn.

But let me begin at the beginning. I was a mostly unemployed actress in New York City and in a painfully unhealthy marriage. I did the Silva Method and my attitude about everything turned around as did my life. First, as I learned to visualize, I realized how powerful and yes, joyous it was to do. By the end of the weekend when I was sending healing, a glimmer of a thought came to me. I would love to become a healer. This thought would never have occurred to me if I had not learned to use the Silva Method. It was a seed and began to grow. Through several "synchronize" happenings, I found myself moving to Miami Florida, everything falling into place, and as I continued to visualize my new life, I was hired by a Junior College and was handed a book on yoga that I was to teach for about 15 hours a week. I went to a yoga class for myself and the author of the book who was the teacher was delighted to guide me. So I had the best on the job training one could imagine. I would do distant healings to the benefit of many. It progressed from there when I found myself becoming the professional healer I first visualized in the Silva Class. I am in private practice now for 30 years and offer workshops nationally and have a beautiful and healthy life."

~ Rupa Cousins

Reduces mind drifting off

"I have ordered a set of "The Silva Ultramind ESP System" and also downloaded from the web approximately one month ago.
I am very impress in silva various techniques of how to reach each desire projects. I use 100% of 3 -2-1 method going to Alpha level, sometimes going to Theta level. The more I practice seems become quicker and easier on centering exercise. I am very please with it, keep me focus and reducing mind to drift off. I still working on Visualization and Imagination at the Alpha Level, time will tell.
I have been meditating more than 2 years from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours depend on times and free day. Every morning by 5:am to 6:am before going to work and evening before going to retire.
Meditation change my life body and mind, more patient, cool and positive emotion.

Silva life system is worth to try, with positive attitude will bring a success. Follow the exercise on CD with little patient and practices daily as per instruction will see the change in life.

I have not finished all CD exercise, I am focusing on 3-2-1 Method Alpha / Theta levels. In the near future I am confident that I will reach my expectation project."

~ Bounlieng Phongprija - South Carolina, US from Florence, South Carolina USA

Meditation breaktrhough!

"I've been meditating for sometime, do healing on other people especially on my family and attended different seminars on improving oneself and the power of the mind.

Through the years of practice, may be, I was not able to grasp the power of the ALPHA level, that is the reason why I keep on backsliding, and returning back to step 1.

I am using now the centering and the alpha level meditation for the past two weeks, and the energy level that I have after the meditation is so much. No headache, no feeling of exhaustion and I feel I am always grounded.

The 3 to 1 method is also a powerful tool to bring down my anxiety level especially when everything seems so tough.
Now, I honestly believe that I can do more for myself, to other people and to the world as I continue my practice.

Yes. because on its positive effect on me
so simple, yet so powerful"

~ Dominador Mendoza, Jr. - Saudi Arabia from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Most Effective I Have Used"
"Most Effective I Have Used"

"I enjoyed the audio very much. I have studied hypnosis and biofeedback before, however I found this audio to be the most effective I have used. Very impressive. Thank you."

~ D. Werner from California

Manifest without fear

"I have been using Silva techniques for many years and I am just now learning to hone my abilities. The number of times I notice changes in my listening to myself and in what I notice in conversations or in the calls I feel in myself to do certain things. As late as this week I was at a friend's funeral and felt a desire to sing a special prayer/song. I debated with myself as to whether to step out and ask everyone to sing. I withdrew for fear of intruding as I was not a family member. I told a family member later and to my amazement they said, "We had wanted that but the choir said they didn't have the music. So we decided to return to the cemetery and sang the prayer song together. It was a lovely moment. So I know Silva began something all those years ago and so many people are inspired by it for themselves or to further develop ideas Thank you Laura for carrying it on. Your Dad was such an inspiration.

Yes I have already and am always talking about it.

The explanations are very good, may be a little long sometimes and more exercises would be good."

~ Margo Foley - London, UK from London UK

120 Day Program : Now I have tools and knowledge!!!
120 Day Program : Now I have tools and knowledge!!!

"The experiences I have noticed so far are...quite unexpected. You see, I have read and have bought programs that suggest positive thinking and the power of believing and I wasn't impressed with their material. They tell you to just concentrate and focus on the goal. My question was "How?" I requested my money back. It was boring and non enlightening. I kinda thought you were going to be similar if not the same.

What pushed me off the fence and go for it was your free session. Full instruction on what to do and how to do it to reach the learning plateau.
Then, instructions on what to do and when.
On top of that, the Alpha, Beta, Theta etc. brain wave session was great and left me wanting more!
I felt changes both toward my goals and I also went through that 3 steps back experience.
It felt great when my mind didn't go wondering so much or going at 100+ mph. For the first time in years, I had control. I used to be intuitive in my younger years until life beat it out of me because I didn't know how to deal with the stress.
Now I have tools and knowledge. I have actually thanked God for helping me find you. Thank you so much.
I finally see the light of the end of the proverbial tunnel!!"

~ Mario Alcala, Dallas - Texas from Texas

What A Wonderful Experience

"I saved the audio guided meditation and have listen to it twice every day. What a wonderful experience! I was feeling so.... unreal! Yesterday I began to feel vibrations on the next body area just before the suggestions were made. I am so excited to receive the next lessons."

~ Dinel from Quebec, Canada

Perfect Manual for Life

"The Bible and the Silva Ultramind ESP system make a perfect manual for life. The fact that I have the programming for the meditation techniques is most helpful, I now have a guide at my finger tips!"

~ Smith from PA

Better Meditation

"The one benefit for me (and a fairly substantial one, I must say) is greater comfort in sitting meditations for longer periods of time. I now feel I can quickly reach and identify an alpha state. I have been unable to accomplish that with previous meditation techniques."

~ (Anonymity requested)

Exceeded Expectations

"The Silva Ultramind Course exceeded my expectations. I have experienced increased power and effectiveness and increased peace of mind since taking the course. I highly recommend it."

~ Jill H

"I can't have enough praise for you! "

"I absolutely LOVED it! In fact, I couldn't believe how easy it was to reach my "center". It was very easy to concentrate and follow the instructions and I was really pleased to find that I was experiencing everything just as it was being described. I'm so hooked that I've been doing the exercise 2-3 times a day. I've even managed to get my husband into it - he's normally very sceptical about this "new age stuff" (as he puts it) but he's admitted that meditation is something that interests him. I can't wait to read and put into practice the next chapters. A big THANK YOU to everyone at the Silva UltraMind System. I can't have enough praise for you! Thank you once more."

~ Lidia Vaz from Portugal


"Thank you for the lessons and audio. I have listened to the audio after having reviewed the e-mail instructions. I find it fascinating that I could take advantage of the exercise, even in a busy office environment during a break."

~ Eric Bronson from Orlando, Florida


"I found it awesome I'm going to listen to it 3 times a day for as long as I'm able to which is everyday. This is a lot of fun.
thank you very much."

~ Lenny N. from Alberta, Canada

"Thanks for Being Real"

"It is wonderful. It has helped me reach my center a lot faster than my own method, even though it is similar, Mr. Silva's is more powerful. I can't wait to start lesson 3. Thanks for being for real.
Yes, you may use my quote, and my name. It is a pleasure to be able to help in return for these lessons. I have combined them with my own. With the Silva Ultra Mind System my twice a day relaxation sessions are Awesome. I use them for stress, health, and to help others as much as possible. The way I see it. You can only grow in Mind, Body, and Soul with Silva, and I am telling other friends I have about Silva also. I just wish more people would take the time to slow down, and give it a try. Thanks Again."

~ Mary Mortimer from Louisiana

"Great Way to Begin"

"The audio was very relaxing. I think I still need a lot of practice since that was my first attempt at any sort of meditation, but what a great way to begin and feel a difference the first time! Thank you for making such a great audio available for free!...By the way, my meditation is getting better every time, I just need to dedicate time every day and start doing it consistantly to get the real value. I cannot wait to go to one of the seminars!"

~ Shannon Lefebvre from Glendale, Arizona

Deep meditation

"Over the years I've pretty much taken every Silva course and bought ever Silva book available. I return to techniques like the three finger technique, the long relax, getting help from the other side, all the time and being able to go even further into developing ways of using the Mental video technique for everything such as developing more confidence, healing health problems, and getting help from higher intelligence in all areas of my life made it important to me to get this program not just in book form but in a verbal form.
It's a lot easier to do an exercise by following a voice outside you than referring to a book, or 'remembering' how to do it
I particularly like the Charisma and instant rapport techniques. Life gets so much easier

Yes I would recommend it. Whatever you want in life there is a technique here that will help you.
Jose Silva was well ahead of his time, and in so many courses you find elements of his original work. Just a bit of a change and you get a two finger technique which you recognise as the three finger technique in reality.

As I said I get all the Silva products. They complement and strengthen the results of each course in a synergistic way. I'm glad i bought them. I have quite a few on tape, now I have them on CD & I love them"

~ Anne Robertson from Australia

Positive and progressing attitude

"I 'm using Silva UltraMind System since one month. I wanted to be more creative, more enterprising and ready to act rather than "think to act", to be able to use my intuition. I also wanted to have a new job.
I used to practice different types of meditation before, starting with TM, 22 years ago. My meditation improved With Silva System, I had a new understanding of alpha level. and much better relaxation-a very positive contribution to my life. I can meditate much easier.
I printed the workbook, writing my experiences on. I always believed that the real happiness in life comes with helping others. With Silva Mind, I had this belief growing more on me. I'm still working on how to establish my new job. I hope I'll find a way.
Thank you for such a positive and progressing contribution to my life."

~ Selmin from Istanbul

Silva Method helped me to be up during my 21h watch

"I have been a Silva Method graduate since 11/24/1974, #146089. Glen Robinson was the instructor. The class was in Honolulu, HI.
I was a troubled young sailor. The Method helped me during a cruise where I was working 7 hours on and 7 hours off. I would work a watch, stay up during the off watch and do the next watch, then shower and sleep (while I went to my level) during the next off watch. I was never tired during the 21 hours I was up.
The other fellow would try to sleep during every off watch period and he was always tired.
Over the years I have used the Method, but not as much as I should.
I have a daughter who is now 17 and a senior in high school. I bought this mainly for her to help with her future."

~ Gregory E Thomas, Pensylvania - US

120 Program : The meditations help me all the time

"I have to admit that I have not done the whole program yet.
What I have gone through has been very beneficial. The meditations help me all the time. The more I go to level the easier it gets. I know what my body feels like when I am relaxed but I also know that I can find an even better peace of mind each time I go to level.
Many "coincidences" are occurring in my life and I owe it to going to lowering my brain waves."

~ Beverly F. Jones, Breinigsville - PA

120 Everyday Program : The meditations are easy to follow, and are making a difference in my life.

"The meditations are easy to follow, and are making a difference in my life.
There are many aspects of physical, mental and emotional health that I have
been learning about for years.

I believe we must never stop learning, no matter how difficult it may seem
to do at the time, it is in our own best interest.
I am using the explanations, the discussions, and meditations which are
giving me some real additional knowledge."

~ Marguerite Murdock - Olivehurst, CA

I have been undergoing huge mental and spiritual growth with Silva Method

"Hi my Name is Eva, I have been using the original centering excercise, for the last couple of years.
As I am a Homeopath and constandly looking for ways to think outside the box.
A few weeks ago I bought the Silva intuition system, and still working through the course, but I am really impressed with all the guidance and information given by all the wonderful Silva instructors.
I certainly feel, that I have been undergoing huge growth, especially on the mental and spiritual level. So thank you, to Laura and all the amazing people involved with creating the finished product. I am so happy and greatful to have found you.
Amazing course, hoping to be able to do all the silva teachings, and in the process evolve, and be the best, I can be.
I recommend especially People who are Healers, but also anyone who is interested in personal growth.

Love,Light and Peace
Eva Gamsby/ Homeopath"

~ Eva Gamsby, Auckland - New Zealand from Auckland / New Zealand

Improved Self Confidence

"I use the meditation to go to alpha on a daily basis. My self confidence has improved since doing that.I think that is due to the meditation technique."

~ Maggie B from Sonoma CA

Feels So Good.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar. It was a great experience.
I find it so easy to get to the alpha level now, and it feels so good."

~ KG

Missing Link

"I studied lots of books but never really got anywhere – but this seminar was the missing link I needed!"

~ Myra from NJ

Useful and exciting program

"My goal was to learn more about meditation and how to use it. I must say I found this program very useful and exciting I have learned very much and am still learning.I like the Glove Technique AND IT HAS HELP ME A LOT WITH MY RELAXATION .lIKE i SAID i AM STILL LEARNING AND WILL TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS PROGRAM."

~ David - Florida, US from Florida

"This class transforms the etheric into the practical."

~ VK

"Achieve Goals Quicker"

"I feel that the big benefit that I gained from the seminar was the confirmation and knowledge that I could infact "take control of my life" - in every aspect. The Silva techniques will allow me to achieve my goals quicker and more efficient than I previously thought possible. I particularity enjoyed hearing the 'success story's' of other people who have used Silva techniques to achieve their goals. I also enjoyed the centering exercises since they took me to very deep levels of meditation."

~ EC, Ontario - Canada from Ontario, Canada

"The Centering Exercise is great, I really enjoyed it, thank you. Cheers!"

~ Evalina