Testimonials on Sleep

Seen Many Exciting Changes in My Life

"Thank you again for your excellent teaching at the seminar. I have been continuing my education and have seen many exciting changes in my life. It is a continuing life experience and my life is getting better and better. I was able to go through it and accept the pressures without becoming ‘stressed out’. I worked longer hours and still slept better than before."

~ R.A, Tax Consultant, from New York

Helped Overcome Severe Insomnia
Helped Overcome Severe Insomnia

"The Silva audio is very good. At present I suffer from insomnia. I sleep 3 - 4 hours per night. The audio is helping me sleep more and reduce [dependency] on the tablets that I take. You have the option to tell your readers about the powerful tablets that I had to take. I took two tablets each of 2mg Flunitrazepan (open a pharmacist book and read about the composition). My doctor told that dying patients receive such a dose. The chemist told me it's the most powerful drug available. A friend said, 'Samuel, what you take can put a horse to sleep!". Insomnia is a nightmare. I will be very glad if people will use your program to overcome their health problems."

~ Samuel Bar from Haifa, Israel

l sleep better and better
l sleep better and better

"I read Jose Silva's books many, many years ago and believed he was on the right track.

When I saw the Silva Life System on line, just recently, I went in to check it out and was happy to see that it was alive and well!! I read through everything and viewed the videos and of course I had to have it!!

There are some improvements in my life that I am addressing right now and the Silva Life System is just what I need to accomplish them!!

I am only on CD#3 and I have to listen more than one time. But I want you to know that I put myself to sleep last night with Meditation 3-2-1, and WITHOUT pills!! So exciting!!

I am happy to see that some of Jose Silva's children are keeping his dream and his work alive."

~ Theresa Schlachter from Fredericksburg, VA.

Only 10 days to see real changes in Life
Only 10 days to see real changes in Life

"My goal for embarking on the Silva life system was to heal a health challenge and to open up my intuitive channels more. I started listening to the cd's about two weeks ago and completed the last one today. I'm a very busy single parent with a busy professional life and thought it would take me a lot longer to do. I figured I'd only get to one cd a week, but once I started I found myself really eager to get back to them. I covered the 10 cd's in 14 days and at times I was listening to them at 10:00pm because that was the first opportunity during the day that I had to listen to them. I found the creation of my laboratory and my counselors so interesting. I've been using the bonus night and morning meditations daily and I love them. I love my laboratory and feel comforted by my counselors.

I feel I need to re-listen to the cd's again as there's so much to take in so I am going to re-listen again over the next 10 days. So far this has been an eye-opening journey. The major benefit I have gained so far is that I am sleeping very well at night (something I struggled with before) and I have woken at precisely the time I programmed my internal clock for the last 8 days. That was pretty exciting for me. I can't wait to see what else I can create.

I find the practical techniques very useful. I've listened to, read about and seen many self-help material, but most of the time there were loads of concepts with little how-to. The Silva system has been fabulous in helping me use specific techniques to program my mind, body and spirit. I've found the three fingers technique really great and have been using it throughout my day, sometimes just to remind myself to access that deeper level and be still. Usually my performance at whatever task I'm engaged in is a lot easier and much better when I use this technique.

So far I think the Silva life system is powerful and very useful. At the moment I'm re-listening to the material and feel I need to apply it over a period to see it's long-term benefits. But I am really enjoying it and already noticing a heightened intuition, excellent sleep at night and I'm waking up before the alarm clock at my pre-programmed time."

~ Wendy Alexander from Australia

Sound And RestFul Sleep

"I have been using the Silva method for five months every day since I purchased the program. I meditate and use the cd's. I go to sleep quickly and sleep all night and my stress level is much better.It is a large program and it will take some time to go through it all.

Thank you."

~ Lawrence

Starting with great results

"I took the free Silva online course and really enjoyed it. I wanted more. More difference in my life, more moving ahead rather than losing ground. There's no way I could afford a Silva Seminar and the plane tickets, lodging, and food required. Since I was laid off in this bad economy I was debating whether or not it was worth it to purchase the Silva Life Accelerator Home Study Course.

I decided something had to change so I purchased the Home Study course and am very glad I did. I am only at the beginning of the course but am calmer, more hopeful about life, and less stressed. It was worth the money if this is all I get out of it.

Getting rid of stress, getting hopeful about life, and remaining calm when things go wrong is wonderful, but I'm at the tip of the iceberg."

~ Sandy


"Thank you very much for your wonderful mails, yes I listened the audio and it is great, I never thought I can put myself in a "sleepy" mood, since it is very hard for me to sleep, even at night. Thank you."

~ Gabriela from New York

More organized and better sleep

"I have been feeling better, became more organized and sleep better since I started the course. Although the changes may seem very subtle but they're there. The more I practice and meditate, the better it gets."

~ Amy from Honolulu, HI

Better person

"I have tried Silva and it has made me a better person.
I used to be tense and wasn't able to sleep but now after reading and using Silva I am able to sleep and be more relaxed than before this in turn made me a more calm person than someone who is a bit snoggy as he does not get enough sleep, I would recommend Silva to everybody here just try it."

~ Nimesh Shah

Improve sleep

"Like Mr. Silva said in the Silva Method Book: ..."the Mind is way too powerful to leave out of control"; it is very true. And this system helped me (among other things) to control my sleeping patterns (no more insomnia), and be more in touch with myself. Also can remember dreams now. Awesome!

This is a scientific method that will give you new tools to enjoy life more after truly taking control of areas of your mind so that they can serve you and others. It is very good for everyone to develop as a person. Namaste!

It is a blessing to anyone that wants to improve their lives. Bless you all."

~ Oscar from United States