Testimonials on Quick Inspiration

"Excited About The Improvements I've Felt"

"I'd just like to thank you for putting together this free course. I've done the first two lessons and the centering meditation exercise has made a big difference to me already. My mind is clearer and I am able to function better on little sleep. Surprisingly, I'm also a lot calmer. As a student, aspiring author and mother of two young children, I manage to stay awake and focus so well that I am able to write short stories and articles in the hours between 10.00pm and 2.00am due to the help of the centering exercise. I can't wait to receive the rest of the course - so much so, that I've already ordered the full Ultramind Home Study course. I'm so excited about the improvements I've felt that I can't wait to finish the free course and get on with the home study course."

~ Sylvia Giraud from Kent, United Kingdom

Quick Inspiration & Spiritual Guidance

"I used the 3-Scenes Technique a couple of days ago and the next day I received an unexpected "aha!" type of solution to the project that I never would have thought of. I asked myself , Was it a true coincidence, or was I just being more alert for possible solutions? Maybe they are one and the same. It helped me find an alternate solution to some minor elective surgery that I am considering. I asked my doctor about the alternative, he seemed intrigued and interested and told me to give it a try, so I am."

~ Dolores

Truly Inspired

"Thanks again for a great seminar this weekend. I am truly inspired! I forgot to tell you that one of the things I had been meditating about was to have people come into my life that would help me get though such a painful and difficult time in my life. I'm facing divorce, health problems and recently unfairly terminated from my former employer after being on disability for some time now. Anyway, I believe that you are one of the people that I will be able to look back and say helped turn things around for me with what you covered in the seminar and your personal stories. Thanks for you inspiration! Hope to keep in touch..."

~ AJ


"It was so inspiring! An excellent way to keep brushed up with such exposures - keeps us active and live!!...[I] was so happy to get this note from u - am glad u could make me a link for such [a] useful, inspiring and valuable program to shape life as per one's desires...I have already forwarded this [course] to four persons. I shall continue forwarding this opportunity to many more!"

~ Arjun Khubchandani from India

Invigorated and Inspired

"Thanks for a great seminar! I feel invigorated and inspired! For me some of the things were completely jaw dropping and truly amazing."

~ Maria

"An incredibly empowering experience."

~ Rev. PD