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"Nothing Short of Remarkable!"

"Deciding to take the Silva Ultramind course this summer was the best decision I've ever made. It changed my views on everything and it makes me see thing in a whole new light. The successes I've had with the course are nothing short of remarkable!

That's the fun part of having taken the course. You can create your own little experiments and prove it's validity by programming little things to appear into your life. And as your confidence in the methods improve, so will your results.

The best thing about taking this course is that it can literally change your life within a few weeks for the better, and in doing so give you a sense of hope and optimism that you've never had before.

This makes you see the 'glass as half full' and always leaves you in a good mood. Ever since the course I've been happy and nearly stress free. The money you'd spend on taking the course, is nothing compared to what you can get out of it. In fact, in most cases I'd say you can use the techniques explained i n the course to make back that money in no time.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase the enjoyability of his or her life."

~ Omar from Toronto, Canada

"Changed My Whole Life"

"I am a girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina that had a chance to get something that changed my whole life, YOUR BOOK. Because I believe in [the human mind] it was [a] very interesting book for me to read. So it started. I feel that I am very rich with that valuable experience. And I am very proud of myself. You changed my life and made me stronger. 'The 'Subconsciousness is the key of resolving all problems in ourselves and in others''. Very gratefull. Yours Minja!"

~ Minja Stjepanoviæ from Sarajevo, Bosnia