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Overcoming obstacles
Overcoming obstacles

"I credit the Silva Method program, as the saver of my life, for helping me to develop my spirituality in many wonderful ways and become a much happier person while helping others in many ways.

My path to Silva has been a miracle. After my ex-husband left me I was crying every day and my friends were calling daily and inviting me left and right to keep me company. One day a friend called and suggested I listen to unusual story.
She visited her home town (Bucharest, Romania) and met a former university colleague who asked her to find the phone number of a former friend who lived in Germany. My friend took a while to locate this person she never met and finally found her; out of nowhere this woman shared with my friend how her life has been turned around in a miraculous way after attending a Silva method seminar.

After the course I started meditating and programming for my divorce to go through without any conflicts and in another miraculous way it did; even if my ex hated me and couldn’t stand talking to me, he helped me sell the house, even pack and move.

In 2005 I also took the Self Healing course where I met Kaykhosrow (Kain), another amazing instructor from whom I learned different and more advanced techniques.

To conclude, I am looking forward to be part of a Silva grads group after being part of one for almost 3 years; I continue to be part of this group, and the great Silva family, via email, every time there is a health case and the need to help with energy and healing."

~ Carmen Gheorghe - Vaughan, Canada

The benefits are unlimited, much more than I can explain!

"My intended goal for using Silva Intuition System was purely for enhancing my ESP. I wanted to read people like a book.
I've become less judgemental and more understanding. A surprise benefit! And I'm a much calmer person. I handle stress easier.
I know how to focus to solve problems. And that part about reading people?...Yes, I'm actually getting good at that too! I used to be so naive but now I get feelings about people and things that guide me. And I seem to be a much luckier person lately! It's really is amazing! I'm still working on myself so I can only imagine much greater improvement is on its way!

I full heartedly can recommend the Silva Intuition System. It is well organized into managable sections. The lectures are very informative and entertaining. I listen to them repeatedly just to keep soaking it up! The meditations are guided by a pleasant voice, usually Laura Silva's. Even in the home program you feel like you are well instructed and are not alone. The benefits are unlimited, much more than I can explain in a brief summary.

I think Silva products were created out of love for mankind. The quality of content, format, technical and text elements are excellent. Silva cares about you and me and making a better world and their products show it."

~ Cathrin - South Florida, US from South Florida, US

Decrease blood sugar

"I wanted my blood sugar readings to be in the Dr. level that was acceptable. When I started by reading was from 130-180. Now my readings are from 80-115. I also wanted to be a much better reader, with comprehension. To date I am reading at a rapid rate with great comprehension.

YES. Because it works.

All positive input."

~ John Chandler from Eagle Bend, MN