Testimonials on Finding Happiness

Overcoming obstacles
Overcoming obstacles

"I credit the Silva Method program, as the saver of my life, for helping me to develop my spirituality in many wonderful ways and become a much happier person while helping others in many ways.

My path to Silva has been a miracle. After my ex-husband left me I was crying every day and my friends were calling daily and inviting me left and right to keep me company. One day a friend called and suggested I listen to unusual story.
She visited her home town (Bucharest, Romania) and met a former university colleague who asked her to find the phone number of a former friend who lived in Germany. My friend took a while to locate this person she never met and finally found her; out of nowhere this woman shared with my friend how her life has been turned around in a miraculous way after attending a Silva method seminar.

After the course I started meditating and programming for my divorce to go through without any conflicts and in another miraculous way it did; even if my ex hated me and couldn’t stand talking to me, he helped me sell the house, even pack and move.

In 2005 I also took the Self Healing course where I met Kaykhosrow (Kain), another amazing instructor from whom I learned different and more advanced techniques.

To conclude, I am looking forward to be part of a Silva grads group after being part of one for almost 3 years; I continue to be part of this group, and the great Silva family, via email, every time there is a health case and the need to help with energy and healing."

~ Carmen Gheorghe - Vaughan, Canada

The Silva Method has given me the confidence

""The Silva Method has given me the confidence I lacked as a child. I no longer have the fear of speaking in front of audiences. I have been able to deal with people on a one-to-one basis, rather than in a subordinate position. It has also helped me to relax where I was tense before.""

~ Furman DeMaris from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Inmense gratitude

"First time I heard the centering exercise (a friend shared the cd with me) I "saw" with my eyes closed somebody "wiping off" the "windows" of my eyes. I commented this in the Silva Site because at first it scared me. I stopped the Cd and just went on doing other things. Next day I had a curiosity about what had happened so I went again to start doing the exercise. Suddenly and in a few seconds I had a vision of a bright blue caterpillar in a green leaf. Ive been very skeptical all my life. This was too much for me. I put it down again and commented to a friend who told me I`ve had a vision of a spiritual transformation that was gonna take place inside of me.
I have read several books and became familiarized with Silva´s techniques and now I live a fearless and fulfilling life.
I went a week ago on vacations to a friend´s beach house in the Caribbean. After meditating at dawn when the beach was completely empty, I felt my heart full of gratitude. As I walked in the sand I saw a perfectly heart-shaped coral. I smiled and picked it up, feeling it was a little gift of love from the Universe, letting me know I am cared for. Through that week I found 2 more heart-shaped corals!!! I have 4 kids, and I wanted to have one more heart to give to my kids when they grow up. Yesterday morning, back at home from the trip, I went to my early morning daily walk to the forest in order to meditate. When I was coming back, I found a heart shaped stone this time!!! It made my heart rejoice and be full of gratitude. It just confirms to me that we are deeply cared for! It all started for me with that Centering Exercise, a year and a half ago..."

~ Claudia

Enjoyed it All

"I enjoyed it all! The class discussions were important, the quick paced seminar was great as you always had the feeling you were achieving something. Also [the] summation with goal setting and putting us on our path for our future including Ultramind were most important. Yes, I feel more in control of my life. I am also very positive about the results I will be getting from my further programming."

~ Sandra Fierling from Toronto, ON, Canada

Improved Happiness and Spiritual Growth

"I have used these techniques since early March and my life has improved immensely. For the first time in over two years I feel happy and hopeful. I feel a strong connection with higher intelligence."

~ Kim Folsom

Better Life

"I'm Maria Paula Gutierrez Fernandez, I`m from Colombia, Latin America so my native language is Spanish, I had the pleasure to travel to Bogota, (it is the only city where you can take the Silva method course in Colombia) on June 2009 and took it, I just can tell you that my life has changed completely for good things, my self confident has grown so huge, that is very important to me as a person and as a future professional, in this moment I am studying bussiness administration an the silva method has helped me to be stronger.

Otherwise, after the course, I love being in my "relax place" there is where I practice all the techniques I learned and programming myself to achieves good and excellent things to me and I know that my dreams are going to come true, it just depend of me.

Today I am a complete HaPpY PeRsOn.... thanks for everything, Silva Method is one of the best things that could have happend in my life.

Don`t worry, I know that the Silva Intuition Program is in english but that is NOT a ploblem in my case because i understand english very well, that is not a pain in the neck for me ....lol...."

~ Maria Paula Gutierrez - Colombia

Living happy after Silva

"My Silva tranformation happened in 1972 and totally changed my life direction. I still use what I learned then and I continue to learn.

But let me begin at the beginning. I was a mostly unemployed actress in New York City and in a painfully unhealthy marriage. I did the Silva Method and my attitude about everything turned around as did my life. First, as I learned to visualize, I realized how powerful and yes, joyous it was to do. By the end of the weekend when I was sending healing, a glimmer of a thought came to me. I would love to become a healer. This thought would never have occurred to me if I had not learned to use the Silva Method. It was a seed and began to grow. Through several "synchronize" happenings, I found myself moving to Miami Florida, everything falling into place, and as I continued to visualize my new life, I was hired by a Junior College and was handed a book on yoga that I was to teach for about 15 hours a week. I went to a yoga class for myself and the author of the book who was the teacher was delighted to guide me. So I had the best on the job training one could imagine. I would do distant healings to the benefit of many. It progressed from there when I found myself becoming the professional healer I first visualized in the Silva Class. I am in private practice now for 30 years and offer workshops nationally and have a beautiful and healthy life."

~ Rupa Cousins

Personal growth

"Some goals I had when starting the Silva course were; to accelerate my personal growth, to help my recovery from a lengthy period of substance addiction, and to improve my general well-being and inner resources. I have been using it for about two months now, and the results are very good so far. I often get the sense that there is a very real and infinite potential available to us when I am practicing the techniques, and that my life will be unrecognizable in a few years. I am using it to cultivate a new attitude of unconditional love and support for myself, to replace the old attitude of harsh criticism, and I am glad to say this is working. I am also programming myself to be of help to others, as this is where true happiness and freedom lies. I am eager to see where this process will lead, and am grateful for the help.

I would recommend it to anyone wishing to access deeper and more resourceful levels of consciousness, and anybody who thinks they could use a helping hand with their life's issues. It seems to me to help any and all situations it is applied to.

The Silva products that I have used seem to me to be very creative and simple approaches to raising consciousness. I like using the glass of water and three fingers technique, and I notice that they always give results."

~ Gearóid, Ireland from Ireland

So Happy after Meditation, I Broke Down and Cried
So Happy after Meditation, I Broke Down and Cried

"My goal was to be able to unite mind-body-spirit and use that to my advantage, and to also help others. Everything [about the program] is so very positive and has such good advice However, I especially enjoyed the energy that Laura Silva gives off on stage, during her "Manifest Like a Millionaire" lecture. During one of her meditations I was so happy at the end when we came back into our bodies, that I broke down and cried; she had touched my soul!"

~ Nancy Harris from Anaheim, California

Enhance your life

"Yes I have achieved all the goals I set for myself. I was not looking to become extremely wealthy as most people who are dissatisfied would their lot in life.
I was just seeking to find myself after being lost, when I followed all kinds of false authorities who promised the land of "Milk and honey". Joy and feeling good about one's self is success worth it's weight in "GOLD" That is what is at the end of the rainbow.

Yes financially I have earned enough money to last me my life time. My relationship are wonderful. They change all the time some times up and sometimes down. One has to know that not everything or everyone is going to agree with one's point of view all the time. Compromise is sometimes the best course instead of anger,

Losing everything is not as important as losing one's joy, love and all of the good things in life. Yes i am happy with my life and I will go to my next life grateful that I have passed this way and Silva contributed to that.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone. I would assure them that it will enhance their life in five areas, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially and of course financally.
It is not easy to look oneself in the mirror when one is disappointed in some areas of ones life, otherwise one would not be seeking to change.
If the seeker devotes time to find the answers he/she will find them.

Silva is a way to find what one has lost. The seeker must find it for himself. Silva just opens the door.

They are all great. It is in the use of them that rewards the seeker. unused they just gather dust on the shelf."

~ Lauro J. Crespin from Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO

Positive and progressing attitude

"I 'm using Silva UltraMind System since one month. I wanted to be more creative, more enterprising and ready to act rather than "think to act", to be able to use my intuition. I also wanted to have a new job.
I used to practice different types of meditation before, starting with TM, 22 years ago. My meditation improved With Silva System, I had a new understanding of alpha level. and much better relaxation-a very positive contribution to my life. I can meditate much easier.
I printed the workbook, writing my experiences on. I always believed that the real happiness in life comes with helping others. With Silva Mind, I had this belief growing more on me. I'm still working on how to establish my new job. I hope I'll find a way.
Thank you for such a positive and progressing contribution to my life."

~ Selmin from Istanbul

Wealth, Health and Finding Happiness

"Explained and explored the use of the energy of the universe for health, wealth and happiness."

~ FK