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How the Silva Method helped Richard Bach complete one of the Greatest Books of our Generation
How the Silva Method helped Richard Bach complete one of the Greatest Books of our Generation

"Best selling author of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", Richard Bach, said in an interview in Harper's Bazaar magazine "It was the weirdest experience of my life. I was walking along one night, worrying about the rent money when I heard this voice say 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'. But no one was there. I had absolutely no idea what it meant. When I went home, I suddenly had a visualization of a seagull flying along, and I began to write. I just put down what I saw. Richard Bach praised the Silva course publicly: "Mental discipline and creative visualization are what's behind the power of the Silva Method", he said in an article in Harper's Bazaar magazine. His book went on sell over a million copies and even made the cover of Time Magazine."

~ Richard Bach, Best-selling author of publishing phenomenon "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

Life-changing Experience

"The UltraMind system has been a real life-changing experience! I find that I have enriched my life by being able to help other people. I have had tremendous success using a pendulum through the Psychometry technique. Although I am a rather skeptical person, the Ultramind system has helped me to have confidence in my abilities! The main benefit that I gained was increased intuition. I have always had intuitive awareness all of my life but never knew how to use it to my advantage or have confidence in the intuitive thoughts/feelings. By going to level, I have been able to increase my intuitive experiences and have the confidence to follow through on them. I receive many of my messages through dreams or visions."

~ Jen O from Cincinnati, OH

Excellent Advice and Inspiration

"You really can develop extra sensory perception and this book proves how to do and it use it! I took the Silva Method course maybe 15 years ago and initially had some incredible results. Like any muscle, though, you have to exercise it and I got out of shape. I got Ed's book and have been motivated to use it for success. It works! I have received specific guidance in my dreams and an unexpected monetary windfall that I really needed.

I would recommend this to anyone who would like to increase their brainpower, connect with higher wisdom and solve problems. As a businessperson, I loved the part on intution and executive success. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was that I think it could have been a little longer (maybe I just wish it were!) and there were a couple of techniques like the Alpha Unimold that were touched upon but not really described. Overall, though, it is a wonderful service and gift to those of us who are fortunate enough to have it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. "

~ Reader from Sarasota, FL

Received Answer

"One of the most significant events came from the decision making practice of Silva. It happened just like you said in 3 days I got my answer."

~ A.L from New York