Testimonials on Family

It gives us abundance of love, of health and all the good in life

"I discovered the Silva method through an old book of Jose Silva, and then purchased the home course. At that time, I was a single parent with two very young sons and no home to call my own.

A single woman in India is easy prey, reviled and looked down upon. I found myself a job and I practiced regularly and concentrated on abundance.

Today one son is is pilot, another is doing his engineering and I have my own home. The Silva Method works. It gives us abundance of love, of health and all the good in life. Any time I had debts and bills and any sort of crisis, I would breathe deeply, count from ten to one, and feel calm and positive.

What Silva gave me was stability, a stress free mental frame with which to deal with life. I am deeply grateful to Silva for helping me go through life with my head held high."

~ Ritu Lalit

Best Class I've Paid For - Worth the 7 Hour Drive

"If you desire to better yourself, your faith, your family, your coworkers, and possible the world, spend the money for Silva to teach you how to take control of your mind! This seminar was well worth my time, the money, and the 7 hour drive to get there. I was definitely taught several things that will move my career forward, my family closer, and it will allow me to share all my knowledge and wealth with my friends, associates, and the world. Thank you Silva!! I enjoyed every moment. This was the best class I have paid for since my massage training."

~ Mark A. Marchino from New Jersey

"A Class All Should Attend"

"I would absolutely recommend this to others. I feel this is a tool everyone should use. This is a class all should attend... I feel children should be taught this from an early age, even preschool. Imagine the possibilities. Every parent should pass this on to their children and grandchildren."

~ Vondette from Georgia

"I Loved it So Far!"

"I loved it so far! Very relaxing..hard to find the time...but worth every minute! I really do love the system! I find the more I practice, the more I feel I NEED it! I hope to go to a seminar someday...I have 4 kids, and run a daycare....so the centering exercise is VERY important to me!"

~ Laura Bills from Keller, Texas

Love Each Moment

"I love each moment of Silva UltraMind. Thanks for teaching us to change our lives and love ones lives for better."

~ BH