Testimonials on Learning

Testimonial from a Father

"Here is what Anton [my son] told me at the end of the day on Sunday: "Thank you so much for bringing me here. This is probably the most important thing I have ever or will ever learn" Now that is a bold statement from 14 years old!!!! Using the alpha level thing last night, I feel like I completely ACED the test, seriously, I feel a 100%! I knew how to solve it all!!! Wow this is really cool.""

~ Dmitry C from NY

Unspeakable Benefits and Rewards

"I was fortunate to be introduced to Silva Ultramind when I was pursuing career in piano performance. As a competitor and performer I am constantly pressured by time and the quality of performance. By using Silva UltraMind System I am able to minimize the time for practice and maximize the performance. Moreover, I was able to achieve better result by using less time. It not only improved my performance but my self-esteem, confidence and approach to music. The benefit and rewards from employing Silva [are] unspeakable!"

~ Yi-Ling Li, VM Lakhiani, from Toronto, Ontario

Amazing Instructors

"Excellent class. Burt makes the subject matter come alive."

~ JK

Useful and exciting program

"My goal was to learn more about meditation and how to use it. I must say I found this program very useful and exciting I have learned very much and am still learning.I like the Glove Technique AND IT HAS HELP ME A LOT WITH MY RELAXATION .lIKE i SAID i AM STILL LEARNING AND WILL TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS PROGRAM."

~ David - Florida, US from Florida