Testimonials on Stress Relief

Seen Many Exciting Changes in My Life

"Thank you again for your excellent teaching at the seminar. I have been continuing my education and have seen many exciting changes in my life. It is a continuing life experience and my life is getting better and better. I was able to go through it and accept the pressures without becoming ‘stressed out’. I worked longer hours and still slept better than before."

~ R.A, Tax Consultant, from New York

Never felt More Relaxed in my Whole Life

"I have never felled more relaxed and at peace in my whole live, the centering and meditation exercises are remarkable. You feel alive and fully charged after just 10 minutes. I came in as a skeptic having read about the extra sensory perception and remote viewing. When I succeeded with my first case by the end of the two day seminar I was blown away. An incredible journey into the inner workings of the mind. While I don't fully comprehend how it works, I now know for myself that it does work. The stress relief is amazing."

~ Michael R, Manager of Corporate Strategy, Ebay from San Jose CA

Brought Inner Peace

"I listened to the audio two times since receiving it. I did not think it made much difference at first until I ran into a situation where I would be normally very upset. Much to my surprize I handled it with more calm than I can remember! Can't wait to try the next audio. I followed the program through to its completion and practice as much as I can. I am hoping to further my training when time and money permit. Thank you for such a useful tool. I have an inner peace? confidence? ( not sure which word is more fitting?) than ever before."

~ Daniel P. from Newfoundland, Canada

My stress level have gone down

"I have taken your home study course and Silva Mind control course I find it very useful and refreshing. Every morning and before going to bed I will practice meditation. By doing it daily i find it very encouraging and fully charge the next day event though I have only 5 hrs of sleep.

My stress level have gone down and my pressure is normal now. I am always charge the next day and full of energy.

Thank You laura for all the help given."

~ Nanoo

Silva Method helped me become successful and teach others to do the same
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"To watch this testimonial please click in the following link:

~ International Trainer Cheryl Bishop, South Africa


"I am not unfamiliar with the program but was energized by the chance to reaquaint myself with the peace it brings."

~ Lillian


"Thank you for the lessons and audio. I have listened to the audio after having reviewed the e-mail instructions. I find it fascinating that I could take advantage of the exercise, even in a busy office environment during a break."

~ Eric Bronson from Orlando, Florida


"Dear Sirs, I am really thrilled by The Unlimited You. I recorded the MP3 in a cassette so I can listen to it twice daily while commuting to and from the office. (Don't worry, I don't drive!). It is really helpful and I have started to notice changes in my life, for good...I also unearthed my old note book where I scribbled some notes in the seminar. So I am experiencing it as a come back with a twist."

~ Ana from Argentina

Wonderful Gift..

"I have listened to the audio and I have to say, it is truly amazing! To be able to fully relax is quite a wonderful gift....thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"

~ Susan from Wilmington, DE

"Thanks for Being Real"

"It is wonderful. It has helped me reach my center a lot faster than my own method, even though it is similar, Mr. Silva's is more powerful. I can't wait to start lesson 3. Thanks for being for real.
Yes, you may use my quote, and my name. It is a pleasure to be able to help in return for these lessons. I have combined them with my own. With the Silva Ultra Mind System my twice a day relaxation sessions are Awesome. I use them for stress, health, and to help others as much as possible. The way I see it. You can only grow in Mind, Body, and Soul with Silva, and I am telling other friends I have about Silva also. I just wish more people would take the time to slow down, and give it a try. Thanks Again."

~ Mary Mortimer from Louisiana

Helped Me Reduce My Stress

"In regards to my life I have noticed a big change. I used to be under a lot of pressure and stress (job related), but the first time i used the Alpha method just for practice, I noticed that I was able to handle the same amount of daily pressures, and I was calm and able to laugh about it. It seemed odd for me because i was just practicing. So as of this week I will go to Alpha level everyday, at least 15 minutes. I have it on my iPod so there is no excuse. The good thing is that I'm not forcing myself to do this. I actually missed not doing my meditations.

I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to be open and ready for to change to a more optimistic outlook on life."

~ Mary Lou from Southern California

My life became less stressfull

"I really enjoy the CD's and I have noticed that Laura Silva has a very pleasant personality as it comes through from her CD's. In conjunction to Silva Life System and Ultra Mind I am also listening to The Awakening Prolog from Center point and Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing from Arvari. They are very complementary. I am also a certified hypnotherapist - but not practicing yet because of some element of uncertainty and fear. How can I get involved in making a living from this.

Yes, because it definitely helps relax one's mind. My own experience is that I don't feel as stressed anymore as I used to. My life had become so stressful that it got to the point where a minor discrepancy created an additional major "blow". This method is definitely worth the attempt of trying."

~ Rosel Hall - Minnesota, US from Portage, MI

Helped with Stress of Pregnancy

"Thank you so much for that audio it was very soothing and relaxing ..I really needed it....I'm 5 months pregnant so i think i was really stressed and that helped so much...I feel so energized!!!"

~ G.E from Houston, Texas

I focus on overcoming a problem

"My goal for using the system is to attract success and also to find my purpose in this world.

In terms of attracting success, i found that the system gave me more clarity and also creativity. I keep getting ideas as soon as I focus on overcoming a problem. It may not be immediate at times but if I'm sensitive to my surroundings, i get the signs.

Frankly speaking I haven't seen any major achievements partly because I'm not using the system on a daily basis. I sometimes get too caught up that the day seems to have less hours for me..... i feel that way anyway.

However, even with inconsistent use of the techniques; i do get the help from higher intelligence. I certainly thankful for that.

On my goal to understand my life purpose, basically I haven't used the techniques to get the answers. I guess I'm just more focused on my income for now and decided to look into the life purpose later.

For what I have received thus far, I'm very grateful.

Thank you and I commit to consistently use the system from now on. This is not an affirmation but a declaration.

I would recommend it 100%. The least a person would get is to feel relaxed and less stressed. Since stress is the no.1 cause of deadly diseases, this system can solve a lot of problems.

If I knew about it earlier, I would have certainly invested in it."

~ Ratnasegaran, Malaysia from Malaysia