Testimonials on Coincidences

Using the Techniques Every Day

"Thanks again for the great seminar. I enjoyed it very much and I use the technique every day. I am trying to integrate the healing techniques in my work with other alternative therapies and I am really excited about it. Many amazing coincidences brought me here and I never really understood, how that happened. Thanks to the seminar it all makes sense now and I can work more conciously on drawing even more "coincidences" into my life, which I certainly do. It works! You did a great job on leading the seminar."

~ RJ

"Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."
"Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."

"I have been utilizing the Silva System for about 2 weeks and have found it to be an effective method of concentrating my personal energy and focusing it on the the goals I want to accomplish. I have greater concentration, more focus and more positive energy than I had prior to the program. I have also noticed that there are more coincidences in my life with positive outcomes, I seem to be functioning in a harmonic flow rather than constantly running against the wind. This product has my complete endorsement, it is relatively inexpensive, can be accomplished by anyone in their spare time, yields immediate results.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."

~ Dr. Edward F. Knab from Palm Springs, CA

Best-Selling Author Dr Wayne Dyer on the Silva Method
Best-Selling Author Dr Wayne Dyer on the Silva Method

"I've used the Silva Method for many years. It has helped me overcome my own illnesses. I urge you to attend Mr. Silva's training sessions that are presented around the world."

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, best-selling author of Real Magic and the Power of Intention

"Whenever you have a thought, that thought causes a reaction in your brain. This is what Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock-and-roll singer has experienced. He was lamenting one time that piano-players couldn't interact so much with the audience and get the public involved because they were stucked in one spot. That night Lewis stood up and tried to slide the piano bench back with his foot, but the bench fell over. When it did the audience reacted! He was looking for a way to get the audience more involved, and this "accident" that night just made it happened. After that event, he deliberately kicked the bench over harder and harder, making it part of this famous live shows!"

~ Jerry Lee Lewis

'Concidences' materialize

"In the short period of time since your class, I've been able to program using the various techniques and I've seen different "coincidences" materialize in my life. I know that with the skills that I've acquired in your class, that I'll be able to positively impact my family and truly work to make this world a better place."

~ Dennis from New York

"Anything can be accomplished"

"I use have used [the visualization technique] and have been able to accomplish a few things.I would definately recommend this program and I have told friends about it. I really enjoyed this program and think that with practice and positive thoughts anything can be accomplished."

~ Tina Strickland

What I Needed

"Exactly what I hoped for and what I needed."

~ ED