Testimonials on Healing Others

"Single Most Powerful Tool I Have to Offer Patients"
"Single Most Powerful Tool I Have to Offer Patients"

"About the Silva system, I would say it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer patients."

~ Dr O Carl Simonton, the research pioneer in imagery therapy for cancer

Fantastic and would recommend to anyone

"I had some doubts about taking time away from my Tax work at this busy time but I am glad I did. The seminar was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. I was also impressed with your teaching about goal setting which was a "freebie" beyond the normal training. It has helped me a lot this week. I am excited by the possibilities of the Ultramind system and I know that my life will be forever changed by attending the seminar."

~ Ron A, Tax Consultant

"I wish all my friends and family to take this course"
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""This course would help my friends and family to achieve all they want.""

~ Ines Restrepo from Canada


"Carl Simonton, M.D. an oncologist at Travis Air Force Base in California adapted some part of Silva Method in treating his cancer patients and thereby increased the number of remissions markedly."

~ Carl Simonton M.D. an oncologist at Travis Air Force Base from California

"Will Change My Life"

"I truly think this will change my life. This was a very good seminar. We did a lot of work and got a lot of benefits and information. I feel that we were given the tools and enough knowledge about how to use them to begin to make a difference in our treatments of our clients. How far we go now depends on us. Thank You Again."

~ Chris Huffman from St Marys, GA