Testimonials on Career Success

I have been challenged many times in my life. I am not afraid anymore, I now know how to succeed.
I have been challenged many times in my life. I am not afraid anymore,  I now know how to succeed.

"Just a short background on my self, I have been studying the personal growth field for over 15 yrs. by the time I attended the Silva Method class in San Jose Cal in 1992 along with a co-worker. We going through a challenging time in our company and I was feeling overwhelmed. A friend recommended the Silva Method class and it was awesome.

During the class I learned new tools to assist me with my overwhelm flight or fight response by learning how to put my mind in Neutral, this is the only way to free the immune system to be able to do its job. It enhanced some of the talents I already had and caused me to tap into some of my hidden talents and active my creativity as well. I was reminded about creating a safe comfortable place to go to when ever I choose along with the Three finger technique. I have always had a passion to learn more about the powers of the Human Mind and how to active the parts that we are currently
not using and this is a awesome and easy tool to use and see and feel that it is possible to access those parts.

The Class re-opened a connection to my spiritual life with also assists with the stress levels. During the weekend class My Extra sensory perception was greatly enhanced and I tapped into the ability to check in on people far away and tap into what was going on with their health at the time. This came in handy when later that year I finished my training as an Esthetician, Massage & Reiki Therapist and opened my own health and nutrition center. During the time that I operated my center I was able to tap into my clients and assist them at a deeper level than what they originally came for. This was so rewarding and I feel that I was able to give back to the community at a deeper level using these tools. Touching people in ways I never thought possible, as my passion is also to make a difference in this world.

Three years later I found that I was again at cross roads and I choose to close my center. I used the techniques and the visualizations to create and see myself in a secure, happy career making great pay and enjoying what I was doing. Most of all I wanted to work at a company where value and integrity were important, along with a place where I could be comfortable with who I had become over the last three years and incorporate that into my corporate position. Within a month, I located the most perfect position with a great company along with great pay and benefits. The Silva Mind meditations are the reason for peace, happiness and joy in my life.

I recently realized that I was not feeling quite right and realized that I was doing a form of mediation and I had not listened to the Silva Method tapes in quite a while so I pulled out my old SMCI tapes and have begun the
program again. I am again finding myself at a challenging time in my life and I know that I will pass through this time with grace and ease because of the tools that I have with the Silva Method. SM has once again become an important part of my daily routine in my quest to continually make my life better and better

I am recommending "The Silva Method" to everyone who chooses to make a decision, take action and make a difference and positive contribution in the world today.

Thanks for all that you do."

~ Debra Hubers-Paradis

My first bonus was $15,000 and the second bonus was $20,000 in the same year

"I was Vice President of Operations for a high end store fixture marketing Company in Philadelphia. My primary role was to source, qualify, and ensure timely project completion and delivery for customers such as JC Penny and Verizon Wireless. Although I had a job paying over $100,000 per year and working only 6.5 miles from where I originally grew up, I was unhappy. I knew I wanted to return to Northeast Ohio.

I used to Silva Method to program for an excellent job to be able to move back with my family.

Within a couple weeks, while I was in the optical section of a Sears store, I received a call from a Human Resource manager from a privately owned company that fabricates steel stamping parts and wire forms in Cleveland, Ohio. She said that they had received my resume and they were looking for a Vice President of Manufacturing and that my background filled their requirements. To this day, I have no idea how they had obtained my resume.

I mentioned that I knew very little about their products, but she requested to set up a phone interview with the Executive Vice President. I agreed to do so.

I used Subjective Communication before and after the interview to make sure I gained an excellent rapport with my interviewer.

Shortly after I had spoken with the Executive Vice President, he asked to meet in Cleveland for a personal interview. Since I was traveling on a temporary living assignment, I was able to fly home at minimal expense and meet him in Cleveland.

Again, I used subjective communication to speak with him in my imagination to further the interview process and obtain the position. Within a few days, he called to ask me for a meeting with the absentee Owner who would be traveling on 'personal business.' (I found out that the real personal business was my interview.)

I was able to meet with the Owner within two weeks- again flying home while on temporary living expenses from my current employer.
Although I do not remember the one question the Owner asked while in a team interview with the Executive Vice President and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, but I kept in direct eye contact with the Owner, used the three finger technique under the conference room table and stated "that I was not happy unless I was earning multiples of my income for my employer." The Owner pressed two hands on the table, literally jumped out of his seat, and looked to the Executive Vice President (who was to become my Boss), and said, "you've picked the right one, go sign him up, you have five minutes."

We walked to his office and worked out the agreement of my new employer. Although my new salary was to be slightly less than $100,000, the bonus potential based upon profitability was to be $10,000 to $12,000. I was also provided a car allowance, fuel purchases, immediate 401K eligibility, health insurance, and four weeks of vacation with immediate eligibility.

I was working with the new Company within 8 days after being "fired" from my previous employer!

My first bonus was $15,000 and the second bonus was $20,000 in the same year. We maximized profitability despite the Company losing over $653,000 due to the bankruptcy of a automotive parts customer.

I was able to use many of the techniques that I had learned in the Silva Method to accomplish this.

Thank you Laura for all that you do. Thank you and the Instructors for teaching me the The Silva Method. Many blessings to you and your family!

R. S. Schmidt"

~ R. S. Schmidt

I was a struggling single mom. But thanks to Silva I have my own business and travel

"I struggled for years as a single Mom. I'd been in some tough situations and managed to get through it, but just barely. By the time my kids were adults, I was exhausted, completely worn out, and needed to do something to boost my energy levels. I'd heard about the Silva Method for years but never had enough money to purchase it. I finally had a little extra and now here I am today. I own my own business, I have an active social life. I travel and wake up full of energy every day. I meditate daily and use the techniques regularly when I need to manifest something in my life. I feel like I can do anything.

I would definitely recommend the Silva Life System and have. Over and over. I feel like I can do anything."

~ C. G. from Calgary, Canada

I focus on overcoming a problem

"My goal for using the system is to attract success and also to find my purpose in this world.

In terms of attracting success, i found that the system gave me more clarity and also creativity. I keep getting ideas as soon as I focus on overcoming a problem. It may not be immediate at times but if I'm sensitive to my surroundings, i get the signs.

Frankly speaking I haven't seen any major achievements partly because I'm not using the system on a daily basis. I sometimes get too caught up that the day seems to have less hours for me..... i feel that way anyway.

However, even with inconsistent use of the techniques; i do get the help from higher intelligence. I certainly thankful for that.

On my goal to understand my life purpose, basically I haven't used the techniques to get the answers. I guess I'm just more focused on my income for now and decided to look into the life purpose later.

For what I have received thus far, I'm very grateful.

Thank you and I commit to consistently use the system from now on. This is not an affirmation but a declaration.

I would recommend it 100%. The least a person would get is to feel relaxed and less stressed. Since stress is the no.1 cause of deadly diseases, this system can solve a lot of problems.

If I knew about it earlier, I would have certainly invested in it."

~ Ratnasegaran, Malaysia from Malaysia