Testimonials on Sports Mental Training

"Nothing Short of Remarkable!"

"Deciding to take the Silva Ultramind course this summer was the best decision I've ever made. It changed my views on everything and it makes me see thing in a whole new light. The successes I've had with the course are nothing short of remarkable!

That's the fun part of having taken the course. You can create your own little experiments and prove it's validity by programming little things to appear into your life. And as your confidence in the methods improve, so will your results.

The best thing about taking this course is that it can literally change your life within a few weeks for the better, and in doing so give you a sense of hope and optimism that you've never had before.

This makes you see the 'glass as half full' and always leaves you in a good mood. Ever since the course I've been happy and nearly stress free. The money you'd spend on taking the course, is nothing compared to what you can get out of it. In fact, in most cases I'd say you can use the techniques explained i n the course to make back that money in no time.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase the enjoyability of his or her life."

~ Omar from Toronto, Canada

I use Silva To Improve My Skill At Pool

"It's kind of ironic why I originally got the System and whats happened since.
I was shooting pool everyday with the goal of becoming a world class player. I would watch world class players on TV and listen to any comments or advice they would give.
I heard Gerda Hofstetter, #4 ranked woman player in the world, say that she was using self hypnosis to get to this level.
I then googled self hypnosis which took me to meditation. At the bottom of the page was an icon for the Silva Method. I checked into it for the sole purpose of becoming a world class pool player.
In the programming, Laura kept saying everything you do is to better humanity. Well, pool shooting, which entails gambling, in my opinion, does NOT help humanity. I have now quit shooting pool except recreationally.
But, so many awesome things are happening for me now. Things that really matter in my life. Personally and in my business.
I have also done the ESP program once and am starting a second time through.

I think it is life changing. I've always been a goal setter and achiever but in my striving for the goal, I have sacrificed in other areas.
What I think I'm learning, is that, before I would set my goals from the beta level and it all seemed to be about me. I believe that the alpha level is making it where all my goals are"best for all concerned". I don't need to sacrifice one important thing in order to gain in another."

~ Bobby Adams from Tulsa, Ok

From a Martial Arts Record Holder
From a Martial Arts Record Holder

"The Silva System is one of the best ways I know of for connecting with higher intelligence, but it must be done correctly." John has produced many books and videos about martial arts and sports psychology, and he is recognized as the nation's leading expert in the field of mind training for martial art."

~ Dr. John M. La Tourrette, Ph.D., Martial Arts Speed Punching Record Holder from Laredo

Mental Sports Training

"Visualization, mental rehearsal, stress management, and intuition are as much a part of an athlete's training regimen as diet, exercise, and sport specific practice. The Silva System allows instant access to these mental techniques"

~ Lance R. Miller, International Shooting Coach; Director, Fla. State Junior Olympic Camp; 1995, USA Shooting, Coach of the Year.