Testimonials on Worry Free

Improved Health, Energy and Conquered Worry

"I found the tapes informative and helpful. I used the short relax tape the most. I have noticed in a very short period of time improvement in my health and my energy level increased. I also experienced more joy in my life, more self control, and the feeling of being self empowered was great! I always have struggled with the lack of self empowerment. This made the negative influences from others ineffective for the most part. When I began to feel drained, I would go back into my exercises. It conquered fear and worry for me."

~ Debbie G, Vallejo from CA

Changed My Life Forever

"UltraMind has changed my life forever. It made my life exciting and I look forward to my future. Thank you."

~ KG

Tremendous Freedom

"The Silva UltraMind System really shows you how you can gain control over your life by first understanding how your mind works. The mind is a powerful tool at our disposal but it only works when you know how to use it. Tremendous freedom awaits those who learn and use the techniques taught in the Silva UltraMind ESP System Home Study Course."

~ Aurora Dawn


"Incredible information, enlightening and optimistic."

~ ML

Sense of Comfort

"I feel more in control of my Destiny.....and it is only through my
procrastination or pure laziness that I have not come as far as I know I can....Knowing that the technology is here, give me a sense of comfort."

~ Paulina W